How do I make a jewelry display?

When I first started my business just about one year ago, I was tempted by the vast amounts of jewelry displays on the market. I wanted something unique, but not too flashy. I saw many things that were almost what I wanted, but then noticed that everyone was using these displays and I wanted to be different. Here are some posts from my blog with how-to instructions on building your own displays!

Necklace and Earring Display

Necklace and Earring Display

When I was developing the layout for my jewelry booth last spring, I decided that I wanted to make my own displays. I had been looking around on the internet and had found that everything was either too expensive, or just looked like everyone elseโ€™s displays. I was looking for a form that I could display a necklace on, and also something that could stack together and fit nicely in a small space. Click here for the full post, “Necklace and Earring Display.”

Handmade Earring Display Racks: Easy to Make!

Handmade Earring Display Racks
Are you looking for an inexpensive and elegant way to display you handmade earrings? When doing art shows, I receive many compliments on how my earrings are displayed. I made these displays at the beginning of last summer and found them to be very functional. Minimal wire working skills are needed, and basic pliers. The great part is that each display stacks inside the next, so they become very compact. They also allow for each piece of earrings to have their own display rack, accentuating their uniqueness! Click here to read the full post, “Handmade Earring Display Racks: Easy to Make!”

Jewelry Display Rack from Hardware Store Parts

Jewelry Display Rack

One fun and easy way to create your own jewelry display racks is by using copper pipe fittings and dowels. All hardware stores seem to have these supplies. Be creative with the parts; it’s like using Legos. Click here to read the full post, “Jewelry Display Rack from Hardware Store Parts.”

I have also found many great articles various places on the internet!

A great source is Rena Klingenberg’s, Jewelry Display Ideas.Definitely check her site out!



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22 responses to “How do I make a jewelry display?

  1. Mei

    Thank you for sharing these ideas. For someone with tight budget, DIY is the alternatives is the way to go. I may try out some of these ideas.

  2. Mei,

    Glad you liked the ideas! Good luck on making your own displays! Which ones are you thinking of trying?


  3. Searching for jewelry display ideas and came to your blog!

    I just started to make jewelry and fell in love with it. My pieces are not perfect yet, but my goal is to make 1 or 2 pieces each day as constant practice ๐Ÿ˜€

    I want to make alot to sell at a yard sale I will be having in May. My biggest fear is that having a display such as this might be easy for people to steal off of. I’m curious if you get that alot?

    Great site and advice ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I have had one thing stolen from me and I chased the guy down and got it back from him. I have never had anything else stolen, but I am always at my booth.

    On that note, I am building my own glass display cases for this summer, but that is more to go with the caliber and price I am asking for my pieces.

  5. for my first craft show I had no displays. My husband made me some flat boards with a wedge of would behind so they stood up. I got some quilt batting and some black velvety fabric and covered them. They looked really nice. I used Tpins to hold things on.
    I had tons of key chains and cell phone charms to display also as well as bracelets. I used old tinker toys to make a rack and my husband screwed them down to a wood turntable thing after I had painted it black. It really looked cool and every one was so amazed that it was tinkertoys.

  6. Pamela

    Love your ideas. I agree it’s nice to have different displays than many others do. Do you have any ideas for displaying rings?


  7. Hi Pamela!

    Here is a link to Chis Parry Blog that has a great simple post on how to make your own ring displays.

  8. Pamela

    Thanks for the link, Beth! I also discovered an interesting design here:

    Unfortunately, the particular rings I’m working on seem to be a bit heavy for either of these styles; I’m still working on it. Currently trying to carve some dowels into points….

  9. Pamela,

    Maybe you could use some sort of pencil sharpener to make the dowels pointy… Or, a belt sander would work really well.

    Rings are difficult to display, I made some cast aluminum displays while I was in college, but that requires a foundry…

    Maybe you could make something out of oven-bake polymer clay?

  10. Pamela

    Actually a large pastry tip would do a pretty good job, although I’d want to try to do something to tone down the shiny finish, and something else to make the tip less obvious. You’re right, oven-bake polymer clay is a good idea. But for now I’m still trying the wood. A lathe is the tool of choice, I think, but since I don’t have one of those, I’ll try a combination of a scroll saw, some sort of attachment for my drill press, and some hand tools. Although…a bench grinder would be quick…I wonder if the sawdust would muck up the grinding wheel….

    Thanks for brainstorming with me!

  11. Pamela

    The ring stands are done. I’ve got a description and pictures of the finished stands here, although note this is a temporary spot:

  12. Those look great Pamela! Can I write a blog post about them?

  13. Pamela

    Sure. Note that this was a lot of work, at least with a scroll saw and a drum sander. I wouldn’t recommend the process unless you’re really going for the look of wood.

  14. Dear Beth Miller,
    I have been on your site many times for inspiration . I need help in the display department, and although I have not yet used any of the ideas, I know i will. Your site really helped me get my creative juice flowing again so I could come up with practical ideas for my jewellery booth. Im sure you have experienced the inspiration blockage, thanks to this site, I am no longer blocked !

  15. I am sorry I misspelled your last name.

  16. I am glad you sent me a message! It made my day to know that I inspire other people! Thanks for the message!



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  19. Really great innovative ideas, modest prices, all the best with your work. Really like your Top Earring and Necklace display.

  20. Your blog page is excellent. Thank you truly for sharing a huge amount of powerful ideas. I will bookmark your web site and will be without a doubt coming back. Again, I appreciate all your work and supplying much priceless info for the many people.

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