Jewelry Display Rack from Hardware Store Parts

Jewelry Rack

Example 1:Wooden Dowels and Copper Pipe Fittings

One fun and easy way to create your own jewelry display racks is by using copper pipe fittings and dowels. All hardware stores seem to have these supplies. Be creative with the parts, it is like using legos. I usually find the type of fittings that are in my price range, and then find a dowel that will fit into them. The copper pipe fittings have T shapes and L shapes so the best way to get the display you want is to sketch it out first then buy the fittings and dowels. One advantage to this display is that it breaks down easily if you are traveling or don’t have a lot of space to store things.

I would suggest adding in eye hooks where you can thread through smaller dowels to individually hang earrings or earring cards. If you have trouble getting your new rack to stay rigid, hammer the copper pipe fittings while they are on the end of the dowel. Be careful not to hammer too much so you are still able to take it apart. To hammer the copper fitting, just put it on a solid surface and hit it with a hammer or a mallet in order to pinch the dowel.

Cutting the dowels into the proper lengths is not too difficult with a hack saw, or any hand saw. Since the ends on most of the dowels will be covered by the copper fittings, the cuts don’t have to look amazing. They also make end pieces of copper that could be stuck on the end of a dowel. As you can see in the example above, I did not use any end pieces, only connectors. I just used a little sand paper on the ends to make them look smooth. If you are really good at planning out the cutting of the dowels, you could keep the factory ends of the dowel for any ending that is going to be showing.

Example 2: PVC Pipe Jewelry Display Rack (The Cheaper Version)

I also think this design would work with small PVC pipe fittings and pieces of PVC pipe, then the entire rack could be painted afterwards. It would look really nice with a metallic finish spray paint over the surface. Or you could use dowels and PVC Pipe Fittings. The most fun part is doing it yourself with relatively inexpensive materials. Also, potential customers are drawn to interesting displays, but you don’t overdo it. You don’t want the display to compete with your jewelry.

Example 3:Copper Pipes and Copper Pipe Fittings (The More Expensive Version)

I think an entirely copper display would look really awesome, but the price of copper is more than it used to be, so this display is an investment. But it would look really great if you are a fan of copper. Copper is also able to be cut with a hacksaw, just have a friend help you hold down the copper pipe so you can cut in a straight line.

Helpful Hints:

Definitely sketch out a detailed drawing with measurements of the rack before cutting up a bunch of dowels. Better Yet, make your drawing before you go to the hardware store and then you won’t have a bunch of extra pieces.

Find a friend to help. I assume you all have a few friends or significant others that can help you hold the pieces of dowel while you are sawing. If you can’t find anyone to help, you can also use a vise to hold the other end of the dowel. Use two pieces of scrap wood on the jaws of the vise so it doesn’t dent you dowels.

Remember that dowels generally come in 1 yd lengths. Example: if you need four 16″ lengths, you are going to have to buy three dowels. There will also be some leftovers, of each of the three pieces.

If you are planning on hanging earring cards that have plastic hangers, make sure they fit over the dowels.

To brighten the copper pipe fittings they can be scoured with baking soda or ‘bar keepers friend’ and steel wool. This is also a good way to remove adhesive on the surface of the copper.

PVC Pipes usually have numbers on the side so I would seriously consider painting them. You could probably come close the the all copper look with some copper spray paint.

There is also glue available that is especially for PVC Pipe, it will be near it where ever it is sold. Beware the glue smells really bad, use in a ventilated area.



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16 responses to “Jewelry Display Rack from Hardware Store Parts

  1. What a fantastic idea!!! Thanks for sharing. I’ve got my first craft fair coming up and was wondering how to display stuff.

  2. I am glad that you are interested in handmade displays, I will post more in the future!

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  4. Comment Excerpted from

    Also, a great hint sent in by Luann Udell, after she read this article:

    “I enjoyed Beth Millner’s directions for an earring display made of plumbing parts and wood dowels–clever!

    I just wanted to note that there are many lovely faux metal paint treatments and finishes out on the market now. Even a small bottle would cover a lot of wood dowels, and make them look like more expensive metal rods at a fraction of the cost.

    Or the dowels could be painted to go with your booth colors, too.”

  5. Wonderful idea and a beautiful display

  6. Awesome display! We had to make one in a pinch one day. Check it out when you have a chance. It started out being an old bath caddy. (no really)

  7. hell yeah! i’m printing this and i’ll let you know if i get to play with it. would really go with my jewelry. i love your blog. you’re really practical with your cleverness…i come up with a lot of ridiculous ideas i can’t figure out how to execute rationally 😉

  8. another awesome idea! Thanks! I really do love the copper look but am a bit put off by the price- I do however have some pretty cool metallic spray paint that I might try on PVC tho. Will for sure post pics when I get it made. Thanks again!

  9. Hi, Beth, you might like to take a look at my version of the copper look, which proved to be less expensive than wooden dowels! See

    I am so grateful to you for posting the original idea, my copper stand works really well, and I am thinking of making a miniature version to display the one-decade rosaries separately.

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  11. How original. I suppose this display rack can be used for other things than jewelry too? Everybody just associates jewelry in the expensive range, but mixing & matching as you have done is far more fun & will surely attract more interest.

  12. Thanks for the sharing of such information. we will pass it on to our readers. This is a great reading. Thanking you

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    • truecoloursirl

      Banner stands are banned by the style gurus at the trade fairs I attend, lol! Certainly large format photography does help…

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