Behind the Design: Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail Woodland Forest Mixed Metal Pendant

The Iron Ore Heritage Trail spans 47 miles, connecting Harvey to Marquette to Ishpeming and beyond.

This trail follows the old mining roads which connected the inland mine shafts to the harbors of Marquette. Acting as a recreational corridor, all types of travel are permitted. “If you  walk, bike, run, inline skate, wander into natural places, ride a horse, cross country ski, snowmobile, consider yourself a  history buff or ride an ATV…this trail is for you!” Visit to learn more about the history of this multiuse trail.

There are many trailheads along the way marking significant places. To see a map of the trail click here.

Rock containing Iron Ore lining the trail then and now.


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Behind the Design: Chocolay River

The Chocolay River is featured in several pieces in the River Series.

Sunset in the Chocolay is the largest pendant:
The Mini Chocolay River Pendant is slightly smaller:
And is complimented by the Mini Chocolay Earrings:
The Chocolay Bayou is also featured in earring form:
And in an elongated pendant:

The Chocolay River is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. Mink, muskrat, black bear, deer, herons and eagles all call this river their home. Several species of fish swim upstream to spawn as well. If you watch closely after a rain or on a full moon, you might see steelhead cresting the surface on their way upstream.

Photo by the UP Land Conservancy

Explore this area via paddling or hiking the trails near the bayou. Water access includes a boat launch off of M28 and the Chocolay Township Marina (located in downtown Harvey)

Happy Earth Day from all of us here at Beth Millner Jewelry!

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We’ve Moved our Blog!

We have decided to stop posting here on our WordPress blog and pare down to one blog. C ‘mon over to our website to read our Beth Millner Jewelry Blog!

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Behind the Design: Black Rocks

Black Rocks Michigan Shoreline Mixed Metal Pendant

Presque Isle, Cliff Jumping, Northern Lights, Beer… To the locals the term “Blackrocks” is associated with many things.
Photo By Greg Kretovic
What are they?
This rock formation is 1.7 billion years old. Known to geologists as metamorphosed igneous peridotite, aka really really old magma flow. These porous rocks are mostly covered by reddish and white Jacobsville Sandstone, but on the north shore of Presque Isle the volcanic remnants jut out over Lake Superior creating a spectacular contrast in the landscape.
On stormy days, the waves crash over the 20 foot tall cliffs and surge up the rock beach. It’s a thrill to stand in the splash zone and experience the true power of Mother Superior. Thrill seekers can enjoy calm sunny days too though. People of all ages throw themselves off the cliffs into the frigid waters below.
Where are they?
Black Rocks is located along the northern shore of Presque Isle Park, one of Marquette’s most prized natural locations. Less than 10 minutes from downtown, any visitor is sure to have their breath taken away any time of the year by the stunning shoreline. The City has a nice map showing the exact location along with all the other neat features on Presque Isle.

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Michigan Made Monday: Keweenaw Coffee Works

Happy Monday!

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.03.34 PM

Today we’d like to put out a good word for our friends at Keweenaw Coffee Works. We’ve done many Michigan Made Monday’s in the past, but today is extra special: this Michigan Made needs your help!

Keweenaw Coffee Works is expanding their production which add jobs, promotes small business success, and aids the Calumet community. Back their kickstarter to help increase output and roasting possibilities!

This micro-roastry focuses on sustainable practices in all steps of their process and is dedicated to creating some wonderfully delicious coffee! They’re dedicated to supporting their local community and love their little town of Calumet. Check out their wonderful video supporting the growth of this charming community tucked away in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

So, get out and try one of their 12 deliciously different roasts! Here in Marquette you can find KCW’s products just down the road from us at The Flying Moose (another wonderful small business) and other locations. Keep up to date with their progress by liking their Facebook page and following their Instagram: @keweenawcoffee

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Behind the Design: Wetmore Landing

Wetmore Landing Mixed Metal Shoreline Pendant

One of the many gorgeous Lake Superior shorelines, Wetmore Landing is a long stretch of sand surrounded by rock formations and hilly terrain perfect for hiking.

Views of notable landmarks are visible from any point along the beach. Out in Lake Superior, Little Presque Isle sits to the left and Partridge Island to the right. Sugarloaf Mtn. looms behind you and with a pair of binoculars you can see little people scurrying about the lookout.

From this site, you can hike in either direction along the North Country Trail and stumble upon some fantastic spots. To the left, up and down the pine needle covered trail brings you to Rum Runner’s Cove, a great swimming hole and awesome rock formation.

Turning right will bring you along a trail which follows the rocky shoreline and becomes increasingly rugged. The end destination is worth the hike though, Hidden Beach. This small stretch of sand is surrounded by 40-60 foot tall sandstone cliffs. Large trees have washed up into the inlet and the imposing walls make for a brilliant off-the-beaten-path spot.

Photo by Greg Kretovic

How to get there: Drive up CR 550 towards Big Bay for approximately 5 miles. Turn right into the first DNR Little Presque Isle Recreation Area, the sign will identify it as “Wetmore Landing”. A dirt parking lot is available and obvious trails lead to the beach and the North Country Trail.

*Michigan Recreation Passport Required for parking.

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Behind the Design: Munising Falls

Today is the first day of Michigan Ice Fest! The ice climbing celebration is held in Munising on February 15th-19th. Click here to find out more!

Part of the River Series, Munising Falls is featured in three pieces:

Munising Falls

Photo by: Roam Wherever.
Easily accessible by a paved trail, this spectacular waterfall has a 50 foot drop before the water cascades down the bowl to the stream below. In the winter a large ice column is formed making this sight an impressive one no matter the season.

How to get there: Located within the city of Munising, follow H-58 east until you reach Washington Street and turn left. Follow until you reach the Munising Memorial Hospital and the falls parking area is across the street.

Other waterfalls are within walking distance if you’re itching to explore. Tannery Falls and Twin Falls are both accessible from H-58 as well. In the winter, you’re likely to find Ice Climbers scaling Twin Falls impressive column. For more information about Ice Climbing check out Munising’s Ice Climbing Festival.

 Our very own Amelia Richards climbing the frozen Twin Falls

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