Amanda’s Picks

Amanda’s Picks

Spice up your holiday wish list with our staff’s own favorite pieces!

Which are your favorite pieces and what draws you to them?

1) Solar Reflections Earringsearrings mixed metal beth millner jewelry

These new designs are a fun twist on the circle based earrings Beth usually creates. The rounded diamond shape elongates the piece and is a nice length for my shorter hair. I really like the mixed metal look, combining my two favorite metals to wear; copper and silver. These have a patina but also have a brighter finish so they’re very eye-catching. I also am drawn to the minimalist wave design. I grew up on Lake Huron and have spent most of my adult life here, near Lake Superior. It’s nice to have an element which connects the two places so well.

This little guy is one of my favorite pieces in the store. I really like the small size (about the size of your thumbnail) and I love the design. Fall is a difficult season to capture, but I feel like Beth did it very elegantly in such a simple way. The other seasons in this series are nice as well, but I just really like the uniqueness of this one. The fall is my favorite season because I enjoy wearing cozy clothes and seeing the leaves change. It’s also when my birthday is, so that might make me partial to that time of year as well.

textured handmade silver ring

I have a 3mm tree bark textured ring that I wear all the time. (In the picture above, it’s the smallest size with the texture of the largest ring) I love this style because they’re made to order in not just the size, but the texture as well. It’s cool to have a highly customizable piece that is fairly casual and economical. The many textures are all made by hammering them while the metal is still a flat piece. The indented surface is then brought to life with a patina which creates a high contrast in an otherwise simple band ring.

handmade necklace trees pendant beth millner jewelry

This piece is so unique and beautiful. I love the boarder around it and how it almost looks like a little polaroid picture. It almost has a vintage flair while still modern in the landscape design. This piece also reminds me of the crisp winter days up here when the snow is crunchy but the sun is shining and making everything sparkle. The bare trees are very reminiscent of wintertime and I like the trio. The uneven land lines remind me of late winter, around March, when the snow is melting but leaving little lumps to still navigate around.

What type of occasion do you see yourself wearing these pieces? What type of outfit would you accessorize with the jewelry?

1) Since I’ve always mixed my metals, these two in one earrings seem to be perfect. I love that they have a unique diamond/leaf shape, but have rounded corners so they’re very comfortable and don’t catch. I like where they hang since they’re longer than the average earring but not too dangly. My shortish hair usually hides earrings, but these seem to be just the right length and the copper color compliments my darker hair. These earrings are great because they’re easily worn on an everyday basis, but could also add a bit of artistic flair to a fancy night out.

2) I would pair the small fall copper piece with a short darkened chain or a 16 inch brown leather cord. I personally prefer a shorter chain to wear with scarves or over a high necked sweater. When I wear the autumn pendant, I like to pair it with my tiny leaf charm. It’s small enough that it goes great with some of the charms we have here too. Beth has a initial charms would be a great addition as well. All the charms are silver so you can get the mixed metal look just by combining pieces. I really love the all copper pieces though. It’s such a unique looking metal that changes overtime, but can always be polished up again quickly.

3) I have a personal connection to this ring as it was my first completed piece when I started up in the workshop. After creating many more and wearing mine everyday, I can guarantee that these are super comfortable and the perfect casual ring. I’ve always gravitated towards silver, I feel like it’s a metal that goes with a lot. Its easy to wear because even if you mix metals, the darker parts contrast well with gold and copper. Its a casual piece and the texture is fairly simple, but it feels nice.

4) This is my splurge piece which features a 22k gold sun on a wintery landscape. I’d pair it with some gold bangles which I can never seem to find an excuse to wear. I like this piece though because its mostly silver with just a touch of gold to spice it up. It’s a versatile piece like most of Beth’s jewelry, but just as easy to wear with a evening dress as it is with a basic white t-shirt. I love my scarves and could easily string this on the adjustable chain so I could wear it tight against my neck, or down below my scarf. Great year round piece and the square shape is much more interesting than a typical pendant. It’s also reversible if you’re feeling like just a simple textured piece.

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We’re now open 7 days of the week all of December!

Get your holiday shopping done on your own time with our extended hours through late December, and for last minute shoppers we’re open Christmas Eve 10-5pm.

If you’re buying online or sending a piece elsewhere, take note of our SHIPPING DEADLINES to ensure your gift arrives on time. First Class is Dec. 20th, Priority is Dec. 21st, and Priority Express must be ordered by Dec. 23rd.

Visit our shipping page for more information.

Remember! Local customers have the option to pick up their order in the store, just be sure to use the coupon code MARQUETTEPICKUP .

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Beth Millner’s Jewelry!

Winter is here! Embrace the snow with some of our wintery trees.

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Sale! Beth Millner Jewelry ~ Up to 50% off Select Items


Take an additional 5% OFF, Starts Sunday 11/27 at 9am EST:
All orders over $100! Use the coupon code: 2016SALE5% at checkout! This includes all items, even our NEW Dreamscape Series!

Cyber Monday Sale Starts at 12:01am on Monday! First 10 customers online get a FREE charm included with their purchase by leaving a note during checkout. 

We are having online and storewide sales Black Friday through Cyber Monday! November 25th-28th! Select items up to 50% OFF! Plus Automatic Free Shipping! All promotions are available online or in store.

The first 10 customers will also recieve automatically a FREE suprise sterling silver charm with purchase of any pendant, earrings or rings!

Check out the Deals section on our website to take advantage of the sale!

It’s the perfect opportunity to get handmade holiday gifts for your friends and family (and maybe a little something for you!).

The sale starts at 12:01am EST on Friday for online shoppers and at 9am in the storefront for our regular hours.

Store Hours (during sale)
Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-6
Sunday closed
Monday 10-6

If you want to shop online, but pick your items up at the store, please leave a note during checkout with your request!

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Weekly Staff Wish List: Nina’s Picks

Spice up your holiday wish list with our staff’s own favorite pieces! This week we welcome our shop tech Nina :

Of all the jewelry at the shop, tell us your top 4 choices and what draws you to these pieces?

1) Rising Moon Mountain Pines Ring

moon ring handmade

I’ve always had an attachment to the moon. I really like the landscape style rings and how the moon rising over the horizon interacts with the rest of the elements within the piece. I wear this ring all the time while I’m working in the shop. It’s super comfortable and I’m able to work on other pieces with it on.

As someone who makes a lot of the pieces, I particularly like this one because it’s been touched by human hands so much.  Each piece is sawn out, sanded, soldered, and finished by turning it over and over in your fingers. The ring’s creator really has to put part of herself into it before letting it go out into the world. I suppose I’m also really attached to this particular ring because it reminds me of my partner Alex. He affectionately calls me the Moon Lady because I’m a night owl and I tend to turn the tides.

2) Honeybee Wings Earrings

bee earrings wings fairy dragonfly

These earrings take such intricate saw-work and patience to create. The design is casted now, but the original design is just so unique and much more complex than the average earring. They remind me of stained glass windows. I love that they’re up to interpretation and people see what they’d like in them; stained glass, dragonfly wings, butterflies, fairies even. It’s great to see people connect to the same pair of earrings in so many different ways.

3) Birds on a Copper Hoop

bird earrings copper beth millner handmade

I guess I really like things with wings! These little birds are just so cute. It’s as if they just landed on their little perch and could fly away at any moment. They’re balancing just perfectly on their copper rings like little trapeze artists jingling around. I like that they’re three dimensional as well. Each little bird is casted in silver from a hand carved wax mold. To be honest, they’re kind of a pain to finish in the studio. Whenever I go to sand them they’re so tiny that they get really hot and melt the plastic bits in the clamps! It’s okay though, they’re just so cute I can’t be too mad.

4) The Bee’s Knees Silver Pendant

honey bee necklace Beth Millner Jewelry handmade

Another bee piece, but a portion of proceeds from anything in this series goes to Moosewood Nature Center’s Pollinator Garden so that’s pretty neat. Bee’s are life and we need to help keep them going, it’s a tough world out there for the little guys. Beyond the content I think it’s a really great composition. To have such an elegant pendant with a little bee just chillin’ like he popped in for a visit is really cool. It’s so lifelike and that’s something you don’t often get to see in metalwork. I’m a big fan of sacred geometry and honeycombs are the ultimate example of naturally occurring geometry. Each little bee is cast like the birds, first carved out of wax by then cast and finished by yours truly. The honeycomb bit used actual beeswax for the original mold so the replica is as accurate as you can get of the bee’s handicraft.

What type of occasion do you see yourself wearing these pieces? What type of outfit would you accessorize with the jewelry?

1)  I wear the moon ring practically everyday in the shop. Honestly, it can be worn for any occasion. It’s comfy for the average day out and about, but could also be shined up and paired with some sparkly things for a fancy night on the town. It also makes a really great wedding band; much more interesting than your standard silver band.

2) These wings I would definitely pair with other pieces from Beth’s bee series; like the little honeycomb charm on a simple chain. The clothing piece I’d love to pair with these earrings is a large shawl. I feel like it’d make me look like a woods witch; one with frozen bits of nature turned into jewelry. Much of Beth’s designs have a very ethereal feel to them, but these wings do especially.

3) I would love to wear the cute little birds on a beautiful summer day. Put on a light sundress with a large sunhat… these happy little birds and I would be ready for the ultimate picnic occasion.

4) I would wear this pendant as a large statement piece. I’d love to pair it with some Hexagon tunnels in my ears to keep with the bee theme. It’s great because despite being a larger piece, it’s very comfortable and can add a twist to really any outfit I might wear. That’s something that I love about pretty much all the pieces in the shop, they’re all so versatile and are almost guaranteed to be recognized locally.

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Ladies Night at Beth Millner Jewelry

 Grab your girlfriends and head downtown to the 20th annual Ladies Night in downtown Marquette on:

Thursday, November 17th from 4-8pm.

Beth Millner Jewelry will be participating with promotions, raffle prizes, snacks and refreshments. 10% of the proceeds from our event will be donated to the Marquette Women’s Center.

Stop by for a chance to win our grand prize, the Winter Heritage Trail pendant. Every purchase made between 4 and 8pm on Thursday the 17th will enter you into the drawing. This includes online purchases for those of you who aren’t here with us in Marquette!

RSVP to our Facebook Event and invite your friends to stop by, have some wine, and score some great deals on Beth Millner’s stunning pieces!

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Weekly Staff Wish List: Amelia’s Picks

Spice up your holiday wish list with our staff’s own favorite pieces! First up, we welcome our newest staff member Amelia Richards:

Of all the jewelry at the shop, tell us your top 4 choices and what draws you to these pieces?

1) Lotus Mixed Metal Pendant

The Lotus Pendant is so simple yet elegant. I have always admired Lotus flowers for their complex structure and color variations. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, I appreciate the many sentiments associated with lotuses. In many cultures, these flowers symbolize rebirth, spiritual enlightenment, and wisdom. Not only is it beautiful with meaning, but it gives back as well. Here in the shop it is one of the many fundraiser pieces. For each piece sold a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Michigan Lupus Foundation.

2) Heritage Trail Mixed Metal Pendant

Simply by looking at the Heritage Trail Woodland Forest Pendant I am immediately transported to wandering the wilderness off of Co 550 Rd. As a student in the Outdoor Recreation, Leadership and Management program at NMU, I love to explore outdoors. The landscape portrayed in this piece brings to mind the dynamic terrain I enjoy navigating in Marquette’s backcountry. Then, as the season changes and I swap my sandals out for snowshoes, the piece reverses to a silver etched snowscape.

3) Copper Lake Superior Agate Ring

Local pride doesn’t always have to be as literal as a state outline (though those pieces are beautifully iconic). The Lake Superior agates are fantastically unique already, but to add a native copper vein through the gem really gives the piece a geographical significance. The ring itself is comfortable with Beth’s double sterling silver band system and isn’t overly ostentatious as many other large stone settings can be.

4) Honeycomb Cluster Sterling Silver Earrings

Another fundraiser piece, the honeybee series raise money for local Moosewood Nature Center’s pollinator garden. I am fascinated with honeybees and their important role in our world. These earrings are a great smaller piece for any nature lover’s wish list and carry a subtle message of support anytime they’re worn.


What type of occasion do you see yourself wearing these pieces? What type of outfit would you accessorize with the jewelry?

1) The Lotus Pendant is easily dressed up or down for any occasion. Pairing it with a standard 16 or 18 inch chain allows it to sit nicely on your chest with a V-neck shirt, adding a creative flair to an everyday look. Using a longer chain (22-24 inches) would pair nicely with a high necked, solid color dress to achieve a more sophisticated look. The darkened sterling silver chain contrasts the patina within the silver lotus as well.

2) Though it’s a larger pendant, I would wear the Heritage Trail Pendant all the time. It sits nicely against bare skin or fabric and is a great statement piece and conversation starter. I’d pair it with a 16inch leather cord to give it a more casual appearance.

3) This Copper Agate Ring is made for the busy, hands on person. Durable and comfortable, it can add an interesting twist to any look. Pairing well with other simple silver rings or bold enough to stand on its own, the copper agate ring could be a daily addition or reserved for special occasions.

4) Another great everyday piece, these Honeycomb Earrings are simple enough to remain casual, but interesting enough to make people look twice. I’d wear my hair up in a bun or french braid to show them off and avoid long hair tangling. Even with long hair however, this design is simple and wouldn’t catch easily. To achieve even more of a head turning look, the Sweet Golden Honeycomb version adds a little dazzle and shine.

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Be Local, Buy Local at Beth Millner Jewelry!

We are excited to be participating in the first Marquette county wide buy local campaign, a program launched in collaboration between two Chamber of Commerces and several media outlets to raise awareness of the importance of buying local.

Beth Millner Jewelry is participating in Be Local, Buy Local

For every purchase you make between Oct. 1st – Dec. 31st at participating businesses you can enter to win a weekly prize of $300 and a grand prize of $1,000!  Prize money is awarded as Buy Local dollars, the equivalent of cash you can spend at any of the businesses in the program.  That’s a nice chunk of change to treat yourself – to some jewelry, perhaps?

For more information on the program and to download the app, visit

Thank you for investing in Marquette county!  Let’s keep our downtowns and small businesses thriving by buying local!

Be Local Buy Local Marquette County

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