Where can you find jewelry made by Me?

I was just thinking that I should tell you all where my jewelry is available so you can go out and get a piece for yourself or maybe for a Christmas gift! I have recently removed all of the shopping buttons from my personal website because it seemed to be a lot more work than I have time for. My personal website will now have certain pieces that are representative of my style and ability, also showcasing commissioned pieces.

Some of the places where you can purchase my jewelry is at Bella Beads downtown Marquette, MI on Washington Street. It is directly across the street from the Citgo gas station. The majority of my work is in her shop and I would encourage you to support this new local business!

Other pieces of mine are located in the Art Store at Northern Michigan University. The items are located just inside the main entrance of the Art and Design Building (straight down the hall slightly and on the left) along with items created by NMU Faculty, Alumni and Current Students. There is also a really amazing show currently at the DeVos Art Museum, (directly inside the main entrance of this building), called The Art of Guitar, which showcases many beautiful handcrafted guitars. The show is up until October 14th, so you should definitely take a look.

A series of my earrings in Copper and Sterling Silver are also on display in the University Center at Northern Michigan University in the Student Art Gallery. They were recently shown for a moment on TV6 News which was really exciting!

So, if you are interested in seeing my most recent pieces, I would suggest checking out these places!

Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Beach Glass

Beach Glass and Sterling Silver Necklace

Available At Bella Beads, dowtown Marquette, MI


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One response to “Where can you find jewelry made by Me?

  1. Hey there,
    you shouldn’t give up on internet sales entirely already.

    The thing is, there are many different places, some larger companies and maybe even some companies in your area, that would glady do the shipping and handling for you for a small fee.

    Even amazon.com recently launched their own dropship & Inventory service (called “Fullfillment”) where you can rent space in there warehouse for a small fee, payed by cubic feet of space you need, and they will also take care of all the processing involved.
    Jewelry should be one of those rare kinds of things that benefit from this kind of measurement, since even a few dozen pieces already packed for shipment won’t take up the space of one cubic feat.

    Some of your pieces are really amazing, would be a shame If people find your site, get hooked and then find out there’s nowhere they could buy any of those accessories.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best Regards,

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