Individual Art Review

I have been so busy lately with school, I tend to write about that a lot, but it is pretty time consuming!

Tonight I helped with a group of upper level students do a “mock review” for some the the students in the Junior Level 303 Review Class. The review process at Northern Michigan University is basically the student preparing a statement of intent and a body of work to go with it. Near the end of the semester, the student is then reviewed by a panel of 5-6 professors. The professors will ask questions about the students work, and the student must convey their intentions to the group of professors. This sounds a lot simpler than it is!
6 random questions you can ask yourself if you want to better understand your intent as an artist:

1. Why did you use that color?

2. What are some of your influences?

3. Why do you make art?

4. What is figure?

5. Where was the imagery derived from?

6. What are some of the subconscious Freudian tendancies may be in your work?

Yeah, that was a random assortment, but they can be interesting and challenging questions to ask yourself. If you have more questions that help with understanding why YOU make art, please post them in the comments below!


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