Necklace and Earring Display

When I was developing the layout for my jewelry booth last spring, I decided that I wanted to make my own displays. I had been looking around on the internet and had found that everything was either too expensive, or just looked like everyone else’s displays. I was looking for a form that I could display a necklace on, and also something that could stack together and fit nicely in a small space. (The reason I needed everything so compact is because I was traveling in a small saturn that has insufficient trunk space.)


Fun Foam (large sheet)

Rubber Cement


Small sheet of posterboard, or an old cereal box



Approximately $.75 per display

I came up with a design that was cheap, easy to make and compact. I used this material call Fun Foam that s sold at many large craft store, which runs about $1-$2 per sheet.

  • First, I measured an oval shape out, I made a template out of a cereal box that I opened up to lay flat. I actually traced a oval shaped ceramic baking dish, but any large oval shape will work.
  • Then I made a 3″ slit in the cardboard on one of the ends (The slit should be cut from the edge, towards the middle of the oval.) Also make a mark on the edge of the template about 3″ away from the slit.
  • I traced this shape onto the Fun Foam (two ovals will fit on one large piece of fun foam). Then I put my pen in the 3″ slit and traced that onto the foam. Also I made a pen mark where the second mark was made.
  • I cut out the oval shapes with my scissors, and then I made a cut where the 3″ line was drawn. Then I drew on the foam a pie slice shape from where the 3″ line was to the second mark on the edge of the piece.
  • I put rubber cement onto this triangle shape on the foam and then folded over the other side to stick to it. I used paper clips and clothes pins to hold it until the glue was dry.
  • The Metal Piece is made from 19 inches of 16 ga copper wire. Mark the wire at 3″, 8″, 11″, 16″, 19″ with a sharpie.
  • Holding the wire vertically, bend a 90 degree angle away at the 8″ mark and the 11″ mark. (This will be the top of the display where the earrings hang.)
  • Then, holding the wire like a U-shape, bend the left wire back, away from you (a little more than 90 degrees) then the same to the right hand wire.
  • Poke two holes 3 inches apart in the foam part, and thread the wire piece through, adjust by hand bending until it fits correctly.

Pros: durable, lightweight, easy to make, cheap supplies, easy to clean, compact

Cons: light weight (can be a problem if jewelry is light weight and it is windy), can show dust, can get crushed if packed carelessly. Can become sort of squished if jewelry is really heavy.

*Please let me know if you use this display idea and how it works for you. I am putting this pattern out there for anyone to use, but all I ask is that you leave a comment on how it works (Pros or Cons).

Bone and Glass Bead Necklace





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21 responses to “Necklace and Earring Display

  1. Sherry

    Hello, I am trying to figure your instructions out, I think I can do this.:) It looks so nice in the photo, have you posted yet how to do the metal wire piece.
    tomorrow i will find some other place for my cereal and get started, thank you for sharing, Im just getting started and need all the help I can get. 🙂

  2. Sherry,

    Good luck with the display! I haven’t posted anything about the wire part, but I will probably post something this week. The wire piece is able to be added after the foam part is made. Keep your eye open for more of my jewelry display ideas.

  3. Yea! I finally added something about the infamous wire part! Sometimes I forget to finish a post, but have added more information, and hope it is helpful.

    Good luck building your displays, let me know how they work!

  4. Wow, I love this! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Johanna! I was just checking your website out yesterday! Were you planning on building some for your own jewelry?

  6. Well, I don’t know yet! I have have been going around trying to find some ideas for displaying my jewelry. I have come up with my own pattern for one, and am working on a tutorial for it to put on my blog. I love your pattern here though, and I will definitely keep handy in my bookmarks for future use, as I like to have a diversity of jewelry displays.

  7. Johanna, let me know if you have any more questions!

  8. marjorie

    Thanks for the idea. It worked great. I used a simple staple instead of gluing (I’m not that patient). I also made some smaller versions for bracelet displays. Fantastic!!!! Very affordable and easy to do.

  9. Thanks for the compliments marjorie! I am glad the displays worked for you!

  10. Lovely…. Thats really “Best out of waste”. Hoping for some more such tips. Really great!!!!!

  11. AWESOME idea! I’ve been looking thru MANY MANY pages of images on Google and this came up! I think I can do this! It would be for my own jewelry at a christmas show I’m doing. It’ll be my first show so any tips would be GREATLY appreciated! I’ll post pics of whatever it is that I finally make for displaying my creations. Thanks much!

  12. hi beth!

    just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful idea… i recently made some of your necklace displays and plan to use them at my next show.

    i also made some smaller ones as marjorie suggested for my bracelets.

    thank you again, it is greatly appreciated!

  13. Hey Monica! I am glad it worked for you!


  14. Michele B

    Hey! Thanks for the wonderful ideas! You are SO creative and thank goodness for people like you!

    What a great idea – and tomorrow I’m going to try to make my first display! Wish me luck as I’m somewhat of a clutz!!!

    ~Michele B~

  15. Thanks for all of the compliments Michelle! Good luck with the display, you’ll do fine!


  16. I am going to use this next year. I will try to remember to let you know if it works. It is one of the best ideas that I have come across. Have a blessedf day.

  17. Judy

    Thanks for the ideas. I am new at this and couldn’t afford to buy the display pieces for my craft shows.

  18. Nicole

    Great idea! Have a show coming up and I have 10 sets of jewelry to display. I’ve been looking through lots of sights for display items. Like others have commented, most of the stuff looks cheap, costs too much, or just looks too generic. I can’t wait to get my supplies for this.

  19. Marina

    I came across this page in my search for Jewelry displays and I love this one. Its different and unique.

    Thanks for sharing

  20. Helen

    I made this using a textured card stock that was meant for scrapbooking and secured the folded over back piece with double stick tape in two places. It looks great and the tape secured it immediately and securely
    Thanks for sharing.

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