Necklace and Earring Display

I have added more info on this free tutorial for this handmade necklace and earring display.

Please click here for the updated post!



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2 responses to “Necklace and Earring Display

  1. Veronica Imaz

    Hi, I look to your internet page and you have very good ideas I am looking for some one who can make displays for me for my jewerly line with my logo but I am looking for something difrent also, d.o you know a manufacturer that can give me that service or you can do it also? thank you

  2. Hi Veronica,

    Were you looking for displays like the ones pictured above? Or are you looking for something different? If you haven’t looked at, I would suggest it. There is a feature called Alchemy (on the top of their home page) where you can put in a request for custom items. For example, say you want wooden displays with wood-burned images of your logo/brand name, you can request it there, put an ideal price and people can bid on your custom order.


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