Weekly Staff Wishlist: Janna’s Picks

Janna’s Picks

Last, but certainly not least, we’re featuring Janna (our shop manager)’s favorite pieces.

Beth Millner Jewelry agate silver copper custom earrings greenstone

Of all the jewelry at the shop, tell us your top 4 choices and what draws you to these pieces?

Evening Twilight Lake Superior Agate Drop

Lake Superior agate Beth Millner Jewelry pendant

I love this particular agate. It’s such a subtlety beautiful stone. It’s a nice size and shape from afar, but up close this stone is just gorgeous. The ombré coloring caught my eye before Beth had even set it in the silver. Once set, the little speckles jumped out at us and we decided it looked like little stars. I often help Beth with naming the pieces and “evening twilight” immediately came to mind. Lake Superior agates are my favorite gemstone that we use because of the connection to the region and their history. It would be so nice to have a piece of the lake with me all the time and looking at a stone while thinking of its lifetime, it’d be like having a little piece of this regions geological history right near my heart.

Upper Peninsula Profile Ring

Upper peninsula ring copper UP Beth Millner Jewelry

I own this ring and wear it every single day. The fact that it’s native U.P. copper is really cool to me. It’s also a really unique shape and I’ve never seen anything like it. As soon as Beth showed me the design I fell in love with it. I really wanted one for Christmas last year and kept showing my husband to try and drop hints to him. As the shop manager, I see every transaction and numbers in inventory so I’d know if Nick got one for me.  As Christmas got closer and closer I kind of gave up on the hope that he was actually getting one. Little did I know, he and Beth were working together to create one that wasn’t listed in inventory so I wouldn’t know! He secretly had it shipped to his office then wrapped it in a bunch of nesting boxes so that the original present was this giant box. When I finally got to the surprise I couldn’t believe it was actually the ring! So, this ring is really special to me, not just because I love the design but because of the story behind it as well.

Twilight Dreamland Earrings

greenstone earrings rose gold diamonds dreamscape Beth Millner Jewelry

Yet another “twilight” named piece, I really love these earrings. The fan shape is rather unique and I’m reminded of an art deco vibe. I love that era of design and focused on it when I was in school studying Human Centered Design at NMU. Beyond being attracted to the overall shape of them, I like that they’re a little fancier and longer than most of Beth’s other earrings. They capture the balance between luxury and rustic which seems to be such a popular style lately. The rose gold is a warmer, calmer tone than the bright yellow gold on some of the other pieces. It contrasts the sparkle of the diamond well, but doesn’t overpower the rustic greenstone either. I also like that they still fit into Beth’s signature style, but it’s obvious that she pushed herself as an artist as well. This was the first series that she and I spent a lot of time consulting on and launched together, so that was a fun being a part of the design and promotional side of things.

 Custom Ladybug Pendant

Custom ladybug copper pendant Beth Millner Jewelry

This is my custom piece Beth made for me in honor of my daughter. It was a ton of fun to collaborate with Beth on design ideas and see it slowly come to life. We called my daughter, Eleanor, “bug” when she was a baby and Beth engraved Eleanor’s name and birthday on the back for me. While I love all my Beth Millner pieces, this one is my favorite because I know it’s completely unique and one of a kind. Beth also made an effort to finish it early over a weekend to surprise me so this particular piece is really wonderful.

Click here to find out how Beth can create a custom piece for you!

What type of occasion do you see yourself wearing these pieces? What type of outfit would you accessorize with the jewelry?

Lake Superior agate Beth Millner Jewelry pendant

I would pair the agate with an 18 inch tiny loopy silver chain. I have 3-4 pendants that are my everyday necklaces and this would definitely get added to the rotation. It works well with pretty much everything since it’s simple and not too large. To dress it up even more, I’d layer it with a small pendant (like the double minimalist wave) on a shorter chain. I would probably wear it with either solid or lightly patterned shirts to let it stand out a little more.

Upper peninsula ring copper UP Beth Millner Jewelry

I wear my profile ring literally everyday; I feel naked without it. The only time I ever really take it off is right before bed. Once in a great while I’ll switch it out for one of my other rings because I really only like to wear two at a time, my wedding ring and one on the middle finger of my right hand. I love to wear the UP ring out of the area since it’s such a unique shape. Most people in the midwest know what it is, so it’s fun to point out where I live, but it’s also fun to explain the area as a whole to people who aren’t familiar with it.

greenstone earrings rose gold diamonds dreamscape Beth Millner Jewelry

I would wear the dreamscape earrings out on special occasions; date nights out on the tow, work parties, to the symphony, or out to Zephyr wine bar.  I could also see myself wearing them on an everyday basis though. I don’t wear earrings often just because I would have to think about putting them on in the morning, but I could easily see myself donning them on an average day if I was feeling particularly artsy or dressed up a bit. Beth designed them to be luxurious and dressy, but also functional for everyday wear. She actually wore a pair of the dreamscape earrings and the large agate pendant when we went trash picking for adopt a highway in the fall. Haha my husband, Nick, did sort of a double take and questioned why Beth was wearing her newest pieces; she shrugged and replied that she always wore new pieces around town for a bit to test them out. So obviously these earrings are super versatile, but I’d probably try to stick to simple colors to not over power their design. I actually have a long sleeved, dark green dress that I’d love to accent with these earrings for Nick’s work party soon.

Custom ladybug copper pendant Beth Millner Jewelry

I don’t wear the ladybug everyday. It’s sort of a special piece that I like to pull out when I’m feeling whimsical or close with my family. It’s one of those jewelry pieces that carries more meaning than my other pieces, so I’ll wear it if I’m needing some good vibes or a reminder of those I love. It goes with most outfits, but it’s also a little quirky so when I wear it, it’s for me. I also like a range of sizes in pendants so some days I feel like wearing really little necklaces and other days I feel like larger pieces. The ladybug is on the larger side of the scale, so definitely a bit of a statement piece.


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