Weekly Staff Wishlist: Beth’s Picks

Beth’s Picks

Happy New Year everyone! To kick off 2017 we’re revealing Beth’s favorite pieces.

nature Beth Millner Jewelry water trees greenstone copper silver

Of all the jewelry at the shop, tell us your top choices and what draws you to these pieces?

The Dreamscape Series are my newest work so obviously I’m pretty sweet on those lately. They’re much more elaborate than my other designs. I’ve always stuck with more practical designs, but this series really pushed me as an artist to create visually stunning and complex pieces. I recently invested in several trays of local gemstones and was inspired to highlight them in a line we describe as “naturally luxurious”. Most jewelry featuring gold and diamonds is so traditional. These pieces are for the person who wants that high end look while keeping their creative and natural self.

Dreamscape gold diamond greenstone Beth Millner Jewelry

I wanted to keep the round pendants reflective of my other mixed metal designs, but each piece is truly one of a kind due to the gemstones. In a way, the gold conifers and tree cut outs merge my landscape mixed metals with my recent fall conifer series. While designing the ring and some of the larger pieces, I used concentric and overlapping circles as influence for the fan structure. I’m partial to the “Together in Dreamland” pendant because of the large greenstone. A very earthy gemstone, the structure and pattern of a greenstone really catches my eye and compliments the fine gold finishes really nicely.

My other choices consist of the pieces I wear on a daily basis. I’m attracted to mixed metal because it seems to go with any outfit or other jewelry I choose. I prefer the smaller pendants while working in the studio and almost always keep the same earrings in. Despite being a jewelry artist, I keep my own style fairly minimalist most of the time.

 Mini Chocolay River Pendant

Chocolay mini copper silver river tree nature Beth Millner Jewelry

I usually string the Mini Chocolay on a long, darkened chain. I like all the pieces in the river series of course, but the Chocolay pieces speak to me the most. The design on the mini is detailed but very simple compared to the others. As I was designing the river pieces I tried to incorporate something unique to the actual waterway. I think when peopler first move to the area they hear “chocolate” rather than “Chocolay” so I figured the “chocolate” river should be made from copper!

Silver Wetmore Landing Pendant

winter wetmore waves trees Beth Millner Jewelry

The Wetmore Landing pendant is near and dear to me. Probably my best-loved piece I’ve designed due to what it represents; Wetmore Landing is my favorite place in the Upper Peninsula. I love to go on hikes out there and feel so at home among the pines near the shoreline. I began art school as an painting major and I think that training translates well into capturing a natural landscape with metal. I like the mixed metal version, but currently feeling the wintery silver one. Tis the season!

Little Long Copper Landscape Earrings

copper trees earrings Beth Millner Jewelry

I usually alternate between the little long copper landscape earrings and the solar reflections earrings. Since Amanda chose the solar reflections though, I’ll talk about the little coppers. They’re just the right size and the little tree design is used in a lot of my other pieces so they go with pretty much everything. I like the copper land the best since the copper is so warm and goes with my hair; but the little brass and silver are nice too. The name of the trees is rather literal, but many of the pieces have very unique names as well. Janna, our shop manager, helps me title a lot of them. She came up with “Solar Reflections” for instance; named to describe the wish for a bit of sun while watching Superior’s turbulent waves in wintertime.

What type of occasion do you see yourself wearing these pieces? What type of outfit would you accessorize with the jewelry?

The dreamscape pieces are jewelry I’d wear for a special occasion. Perhaps on a fancy date out with Mike or to an art gallery opening. The greenstone pendant could be worn on a casual day, but the ring is definitely an artistic, slightly extravagant piece. I love the way it looks, but since I work with my hands so much it’s a bit too large for everyday wear in the studio. I’d try to wear a fairly classy, yet simple outfit with any piece from the dreamscape series. The bold patterns I like to wear would compete with the complex designs of the series and stones. I’d wear a solid colored dress or shirt to highlight the stones and gold accents.

Greenstone Dreamscape ring gold silver diamond art Beth Millner Jewelry

gold silver rose gold diamond greenstone ring necklace Beth Millner Jewelry

The other pieces I do actually wear everyday so I’d classify them as causal, everyday wear! Usually I wear a dress with some leggings and a sweater to work. I wear my jewelry all the time. Honestly, the only time I take them off is to switch to the other pendant or earrings. I even sleep in the earrings and with the latching style hook they never come out on their own. I love wearing them out on hikes as well and seeing the the metal designs inspired by nature out in the actual natural environment. I get so used to seeing my pieces on the bench or in the display case, it’s nice to see them out in the world and where they really belong.

Beth Millner Jewelry necklace earrings mixed metal nature river trees

Wearing the Solar Reflections earrings out on a hike along the noquemonon trail. Check out our instagram for more behind the scenes of the jewelry!

Solar reflections earrings nature Marquette Hike copper


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