Andrea’s Picks

Spice up your holiday wish list with our staff’s own favorite pieces!

New Beginnings Earrings

silver earrings mixed metals sun Beth Millner Jewelry

These earrings are some of my favorite in the whole store. They are so bright and cheery, slightly luxurious with the gold suns paired well with the rustic hammer texture and patina. Beth appropriately calls them “New Beginnings”. They give off such a positive vibe and wearing them allows you to just radiate alacrity. These earrings have always reminded me of a time in my own life when I had my own new beginning; the sun rises once more and everything is going to be okay.

Silver Framed Greenstone Drop Pendant

greenstone pendant Beth Millner Jewelry Michigan

I really like the rugged stone in a juxtaposition with the fine silver. It reminds me of the delicate balance between the natural and manmade world. The stone itself is rather little, but it is emphasized by the large plate of silver behind it. To me, this stone setting is less traditional than most stone pendants. It’s much more artsy and obviously handcrafted.

Entwined Branches Ring

engagement ring diamond recycled metal Beth Millner Jewelry

Holy wah… this ring is just a dream. It’s perfectly balances while seeming slightly asymmetrical just like a real twig system. When I put this ring on, I feel like a woodland fairy. I feel like it was made out of actual plants and somehow frozen in time to hold that little diamond. With the leaves, I’m reminded of a first snow when everything appears black and white and little ice droplets sparkle in the trees. It seems so ethereal yet very permanent at the same time.

Red Autumn Conifer Pendant

conifer copper mixed metal Beth Millner Jewelry

This conifer pendant really seems to capture my personal connection to the land. I live with the local land and work to preserve and protect the natural world. I studied outdoor recreation and currently I work with the land conservency so my whole life really revolves around playing outside and protecting the land we use. To me, this piece really captures the local conifer shorelines along Superior.  The terrain is often varied and the hammer textures can be interpreted as many different types of landscapes. Once more, like most of Beth’s pieces, this pendant really epitomizes “rugged yet beautiful”.

What type of occasion do you see yourself wearing these pieces? What type of outfit would you accessorize with the jewelry?

New Beginnings Oh goodness, these are my favorite earrings. I wear them in the shop whenever I get a chance to. Realistically I’d wear them everyday, but I would reccomend pairing the new beginnings earrings with simple outfits such as a plain t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans. I wear solid colored button up shirts to work each day, so these would brighten up my outfit in the office as well. These bright cheery earrings deserve to be highlighted and a simple outfit would do just that.

Greenstone Droplet – This little greenstone pendant is another piece I’d love to wear everyday. I work outside most of the summer and I feel that this is a necklace I wouldn’t be afraid to wear out in the woods. I try not to wear too much jewelry out there for fear of losing it, but this little drop pendant is a perfect size to string on an 18 inch chain and tuck under my shirt to keep safe while hiking. Then, when I’m back in the office for a bit, it’s easy to untuck and dress up the plain colored shirts I’m always wearing. The little greenstone is a very earthy gemstone and makes me feel connected to the earth. It’s subtly beautiful without being overly flashy. While I would usually wear it to dress up my work outfit, this drop pendant would look amazing with a little black dress on a night out. A few quick swipes of a polishing pad would result in a delicate, high shine silver piece perfect for a night out.

Entwined Branches Ring– This is such a uniquely gorgeous ring. Yet another piece I’d wear everyday if I could. For days I work in the office, this ring would be ideal. The entwined branches feel so fancy while still preserving my earthy self. It does’t have to be an engagement ring, I love to wear it on my middle finger. The tiny diamond accent it just enough that it can easily be worn on any other finger as a little sparkle added to your day. Though if you were to wear it on your ring finger it’d make the coolest engagement ring ever. It’s comfy yet is absolutely stunning all at once.

Red Conifer Pendant – I would love to wear the Red Autumn Conifer pendant while giving presentations. It acts as a conversation piece, yet isn’t overly distracting. A great way to dress up the khaki pants and solid colored button ups I wear for my job, this pendant would definitely be a staple in my professional wardrobe. The large conifer cutouts are recognizable from further away and the layering of shapes is rather unique. Beyond work, I’d wear this when I wanted to look nice, but still be casual; like on a first date or a night out with the girls.


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