Weekly Staff Wish List: Nina’s Picks

Spice up your holiday wish list with our staff’s own favorite pieces! This week we welcome our shop tech Nina :

Of all the jewelry at the shop, tell us your top 4 choices and what draws you to these pieces?

1) Rising Moon Mountain Pines Ring

moon ring handmade

I’ve always had an attachment to the moon. I really like the landscape style rings and how the moon rising over the horizon interacts with the rest of the elements within the piece. I wear this ring all the time while I’m working in the shop. It’s super comfortable and I’m able to work on other pieces with it on.

As someone who makes a lot of the pieces, I particularly like this one because it’s been touched by human hands so much.  Each piece is sawn out, sanded, soldered, and finished by turning it over and over in your fingers. The ring’s creator really has to put part of herself into it before letting it go out into the world. I suppose I’m also really attached to this particular ring because it reminds me of my partner Alex. He affectionately calls me the Moon Lady because I’m a night owl and I tend to turn the tides.

2) Honeybee Wings Earrings

bee earrings wings fairy dragonfly

These earrings take such intricate saw-work and patience to create. The design is casted now, but the original design is just so unique and much more complex than the average earring. They remind me of stained glass windows. I love that they’re up to interpretation and people see what they’d like in them; stained glass, dragonfly wings, butterflies, fairies even. It’s great to see people connect to the same pair of earrings in so many different ways.

3) Birds on a Copper Hoop

bird earrings copper beth millner handmade

I guess I really like things with wings! These little birds are just so cute. It’s as if they just landed on their little perch and could fly away at any moment. They’re balancing just perfectly on their copper rings like little trapeze artists jingling around. I like that they’re three dimensional as well. Each little bird is casted in silver from a hand carved wax mold. To be honest, they’re kind of a pain to finish in the studio. Whenever I go to sand them they’re so tiny that they get really hot and melt the plastic bits in the clamps! It’s okay though, they’re just so cute I can’t be too mad.

4) The Bee’s Knees Silver Pendant

honey bee necklace Beth Millner Jewelry handmade

Another bee piece, but a portion of proceeds from anything in this series goes to Moosewood Nature Center’s Pollinator Garden so that’s pretty neat. Bee’s are life and we need to help keep them going, it’s a tough world out there for the little guys. Beyond the content I think it’s a really great composition. To have such an elegant pendant with a little bee just chillin’ like he popped in for a visit is really cool. It’s so lifelike and that’s something you don’t often get to see in metalwork. I’m a big fan of sacred geometry and honeycombs are the ultimate example of naturally occurring geometry. Each little bee is cast like the birds, first carved out of wax by then cast and finished by yours truly. The honeycomb bit used actual beeswax for the original mold so the replica is as accurate as you can get of the bee’s handicraft.

What type of occasion do you see yourself wearing these pieces? What type of outfit would you accessorize with the jewelry?

1)  I wear the moon ring practically everyday in the shop. Honestly, it can be worn for any occasion. It’s comfy for the average day out and about, but could also be shined up and paired with some sparkly things for a fancy night on the town. It also makes a really great wedding band; much more interesting than your standard silver band.

2) These wings I would definitely pair with other pieces from Beth’s bee series; like the little honeycomb charm on a simple chain. The clothing piece I’d love to pair with these earrings is a large shawl. I feel like it’d make me look like a woods witch; one with frozen bits of nature turned into jewelry. Much of Beth’s designs have a very ethereal feel to them, but these wings do especially.

3) I would love to wear the cute little birds on a beautiful summer day. Put on a light sundress with a large sunhat… these happy little birds and I would be ready for the ultimate picnic occasion.

4) I would wear this pendant as a large statement piece. I’d love to pair it with some Hexagon tunnels in my ears to keep with the bee theme. It’s great because despite being a larger piece, it’s very comfortable and can add a twist to really any outfit I might wear. That’s something that I love about pretty much all the pieces in the shop, they’re all so versatile and are almost guaranteed to be recognized locally.


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