Weekly Staff Wish List: Amelia’s Picks

Spice up your holiday wish list with our staff’s own favorite pieces! First up, we welcome our newest staff member Amelia Richards:

Of all the jewelry at the shop, tell us your top 4 choices and what draws you to these pieces?

1) Lotus Mixed Metal Pendant

The Lotus Pendant is so simple yet elegant. I have always admired Lotus flowers for their complex structure and color variations. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, I appreciate the many sentiments associated with lotuses. In many cultures, these flowers symbolize rebirth, spiritual enlightenment, and wisdom. Not only is it beautiful with meaning, but it gives back as well. Here in the shop it is one of the many fundraiser pieces. For each piece sold a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Michigan Lupus Foundation.

2) Heritage Trail Mixed Metal Pendant

Simply by looking at the Heritage Trail Woodland Forest Pendant I am immediately transported to wandering the wilderness off of Co 550 Rd. As a student in the Outdoor Recreation, Leadership and Management program at NMU, I love to explore outdoors. The landscape portrayed in this piece brings to mind the dynamic terrain I enjoy navigating in Marquette’s backcountry. Then, as the season changes and I swap my sandals out for snowshoes, the piece reverses to a silver etched snowscape.

3) Copper Lake Superior Agate Ring

Local pride doesn’t always have to be as literal as a state outline (though those pieces are beautifully iconic). The Lake Superior agates are fantastically unique already, but to add a native copper vein through the gem really gives the piece a geographical significance. The ring itself is comfortable with Beth’s double sterling silver band system and isn’t overly ostentatious as many other large stone settings can be.

4) Honeycomb Cluster Sterling Silver Earrings

Another fundraiser piece, the honeybee series raise money for local Moosewood Nature Center’s pollinator garden. I am fascinated with honeybees and their important role in our world. These earrings are a great smaller piece for any nature lover’s wish list and carry a subtle message of support anytime they’re worn.


What type of occasion do you see yourself wearing these pieces? What type of outfit would you accessorize with the jewelry?

1) The Lotus Pendant is easily dressed up or down for any occasion. Pairing it with a standard 16 or 18 inch chain allows it to sit nicely on your chest with a V-neck shirt, adding a creative flair to an everyday look. Using a longer chain (22-24 inches) would pair nicely with a high necked, solid color dress to achieve a more sophisticated look. The darkened sterling silver chain contrasts the patina within the silver lotus as well.

2) Though it’s a larger pendant, I would wear the Heritage Trail Pendant all the time. It sits nicely against bare skin or fabric and is a great statement piece and conversation starter. I’d pair it with a 16inch leather cord to give it a more casual appearance.

3) This Copper Agate Ring is made for the busy, hands on person. Durable and comfortable, it can add an interesting twist to any look. Pairing well with other simple silver rings or bold enough to stand on its own, the copper agate ring could be a daily addition or reserved for special occasions.

4) Another great everyday piece, these Honeycomb Earrings are simple enough to remain casual, but interesting enough to make people look twice. I’d wear my hair up in a bun or french braid to show them off and avoid long hair tangling. Even with long hair however, this design is simple and wouldn’t catch easily. To achieve even more of a head turning look, the Sweet Golden Honeycomb version adds a little dazzle and shine.


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