Gorgeous Unique Twig Engagement Rings

This spring an inspiration struck Beth and her prolific talent poured forth to produce an entire new series of Twig jewelry.  First came the stunning engagement rings accompanied by the coordinating male wedding bands.  The entire Twig series is available on our website here or in our shop.

There is not doubt the entire collection of handcrafted Twig jewelry is beautiful but the particular favorite amongst the staff and our customers has been her Diamond and Roses Twig Engagement Ring.  This unique engagement ring features a 3mm certified recycled diamond set amongst 14k rose gold droplets on a sterling silver twig.  The contrast between the sparkling diamond and the darkened rough twig bark texture is one of our favorite elements.


The Diamond Twig ring can be customized just for you!  We have other stones available including rustic yellow and brown chocolate diamonds.  You can also change droplets to yellow gold or silver.


Add a stacking Twig wedding band, which can be worn on top of or underneath the engagement ring depending on your preference!

In addition to the sterling silver twig series, Beth is now able to create the twigs in 14k rose gold.  We love the look of the mixed metal bands.  Between the metal, diamonds and droplets, the custom combinations are endless!


Please contact us for a quote and turnaround time for your custom Twig Ring or take home one of our in stock rings today!


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  1. vdraq

    Quality Rings out here Nice one

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