NEW Twig Wedding Band Series!

I am excited to unveil my NEW Twig Wedding Band Series!  Check it out!

All of these will be available in March and some have been released early!  Check them out in the Wedding Band Section of the Shop!



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2 responses to “NEW Twig Wedding Band Series!

  1. Pamela MacFalda

    Beth…I have been a fan for some time and own a beautiful jewelry piece. I have visited your Marquette location after visiting Tim and Mary Pritchard’s Domaci store frequently where I spread way too much money! They have been friends for years and Mary got me mesmerized as to how tiny your figures are on the metal. My son Brian has gotten my daughter- in- law pieces and she has gotten some on her own. I am going to be operating a seasonal shop in the Presque Isle/ Grand Lake area this summer and would love to showcase some of your work ! The environment is so cool as the site is an original homestead and the Grand Lake Ass which owns the building is celebrating its 100 yr anniversary! I would love to have you also as a featured artist in a meet the artist series. I have contracts, inventory Nd instruction sheets if you would be interested. I am trying to make the shop stand out as a real display of quality artist work. If you are interested ( and I so hope you are) please contact me.. Home # (989)595-6905, (c) 989-351-0049, email is pmacfalda@ and mailing address is 8299 Pollock Ln., Presque Isle, MI 49777. I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Pamela MacFalda

    I have some of your jewelry pieces and learned about you from Tim and Mary Prichard of Domaci in Rogers City . I am going to operate a shop in the Presque Isle/ Grand Lake area. I have contracts and all the necessary info if you are interested. I am trying to offer lovely higher end products and your works of art ( jewelry) would definitely be wonderful to showcase.

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