Three Steps to Winning Our First-Ever Instagram Photo Contest and Giveaway!

Holy Wah! We’re using Instagram!

As a celebration of our decision to join the modern world, we’re giving away a “Love in the Deep of Winter” goodie bag to one lucky Instagrammer!

Also, it’s the middle of February, the snow is up past our eyeballs, and there’s a windchill of about -14F.  So, we want to brighten someone’s day!

The prize for the best Instagram photo that uses the hashtag #BethMillnerJewelry is:

A Small Sterling Silver Winter Tree Pendant with a tiny Kelly Gilligan Heart Charm and a darkened 18″ Silver Box Chain!

Oh! And some really delightful bean-to-bar dark chocolate that we got from Everyday Wines!

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

1. Follow us on Instagram: @BethMillnerJewelry

 Tap “+follow”

2. Post a photo on Instagram that shows off you and your favorite piece, and…

3. Use the hashtag #BethMillnerJewelry


That’s it! It’s easy!

When we hit 100 uses of #BethMillnerJewelry, the staff here will pick out the winning photo based on the following loosely judged criteria:

1. Good show of the piece

Blurry picture of the necklace but you’ve got a nice smile? Thanks for the tag! We’re glad you’re happy today! …Nice shot of the necklace AND your lovely teeth? Hooray!

Pretty silver ring AND potatoes? I dig it.

2. Displaying your regional flair, or creating a sense of place.

Where are you, and how are you connected to your Place?  All of Beth’s Jewelry is inspired by our Place, Michigan’s forested Upper Peninsula and the rocky shores of Lake Superior.  Show us your happy place!

In the last Facebook Photo Contest, we loved Anne Marie’s photo showing off her UP pendant while living in Switzerland!

3. Following the theme of “Love in the Deep of Winter.”

We love Love! It’s the warmth in our hearts that gets us through these dark Northern winters. Also, we love winter! (or at least Andrea really does) What do you do that celebrates winter? What do you love?

You can submit up to three photos for the contest (but feel free to tag as many as you want!) Each photo is an chance to win!

Bonus Points that do not necessarily guarantee winning but we think are cool:

  • Multiple pieces of Beth’s work–show us your bling! 🙂
  • Multiple individuals wearing Beth’s jewelry in one photo 
  • General Creativity/Quirkiness/Goofiness
  • Also using the hashtag #PureMichigan

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch–@themaskedbird


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One response to “Three Steps to Winning Our First-Ever Instagram Photo Contest and Giveaway!

  1. What a great competition idea, hope the winner was ecstatic – I would be!

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