Procrastinator’s Guide to Shopping Local

“God knitted a mitten of sand, rock and lime. Made a fountain to last through all time. He planted its forests with hemlock and pine, then blessed it with rain and golden sunshine. He feathered its forests, and flowered white fields, then gave it a history of automobiles. In all the wide world there’s no other land that God himself patterned from his own left hand.”
 – Author Unknown

 Michigan Made Monday, On Wednesday

–Last-Minute Shopper Style!

Hello Wonderful Humans--Is it just me or was yesterday still September? And now here we are, neck deep in snow, and it’s almost Valentine’s Day!


If you’re like me, you may still be scrambling for local, meaningful and budget-friendly gifts for the cherished folks in your life, whether you’re giving a gift to someone special on the 14th…or for a birthday that’s in two days. Like me.

So, how to live a busy, full-time life and still get that shopping done?

Enter the Internet Solution: Pre-shopping!

I use Pinterest and Etsy quite a bit to search for ideas before I go into the local stores–did you know that Etsy has a shop location search option, so that you can choose to buy items that are made in a certain area?

As of today, there are more than 9,000 items available for sale from Marquette, MI on Etsy!  I can shop online during my lunch break, and either head into the stores when I get off work or buy online knowing my money will be re-birthed in Marquette to strengthen this beautiful community.

I also use Pinterest to collect things I am considering into one place, so that once I’ve decided, I can head into a store after work and get exactly what I’ve been looking at and still be home in time to get the dog out. Check out our Michigan Art! Board on Pinterest for a look at things we like.

To get you started, here are just a few Marquette stores on Etsy that will inspire your gifts for any occasion!

Danny Holtan of Woodgrain and Hops uses his tattooing skills to burn beautiful designs onto wood.  Your craft-beer loving boyfriend would be a big fan of this sturdy, re-usable six-pack holder! With a built-in bottle-opener and a flush magnet to catch the caps, it’ll make a great conversation piece as he sits around with his buddies and discusses the hops, malt, and aroma of your favorite local brew. 

In fact, while you’re at it, fill it up with Black Rock Brewery’s new, limited edition North Third Stout!

                            It’s sooooooooo good.

Does your best friend’s house need a little perking up? The folks over at King Paper sell vintage and antique posters and illustrations that would look lovely in any part of the home–dorm rooms, nurseries, kitchen…like this  small poster-sized Mother Goose book cover! How cute is that?  And it’s only $10.  This is an antique Kay Nielsen (one of my favorite artists) print from my favorite fairy tale, East of the Sun, West of the Moon. $12, frame it, put it on my wall…awesome.

If you’re going to visit brick and mortar stores (like ours!), there are several stores that you can pre-shop on Etsy during your lunch break and then visit within the next 12 days.


Superior Vitality has natural health supplements, herbs, and a huge selection of bulk teas.   For my big sister’s birthday, she’ll be getting some yummy-smelling Wild Oats and Honey Face Wash to replace the chemicals-and-plastic-beads version she uses now…and Superior Vitality makes handcrafted soaps and lotions for your sweetie as well!

Revisions Studio recently opened up a brick-and-mortar in Ishpeming! Hooray!  Michele’s gorgeous porcelain housewares are practical, stylish, and absolutely creative. Check out this adorable bowl with a built-in chopstick rest.

Fill this up with some of Aoy’s Pad Thai, give me some flowers and chocolate, and I’d say it was the best Valentine’s date ever. Really.

Pat Virch’s gorgeous Rosemaling art is on Etsy and you can buy it at the Marquette Regional History Center’s giftshop–

 This small, hand-painted treasure box would be perfect for tucking secret, special things into–or with something special tucked into it for the receiver to find!

Even if you’re not blessed to be living in the Queen City, or can’t make the drive up in time, Etsy’s shop locator and your local Chamber of Commerce will help you find stores that allow you to shop online AND shop local.

You now no longer have an excuse to shop at Big Box Stores for gifts in the NEXT 12 DAYS. Congratulations.

That’s all for now–

Be well and hope for more snow!


(who wants to go skiing real bad)

(and who will write a self-introduction blog about how cool it is to be working with Beth and the Crew later)


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