The Spring Spark

The Spring Spark

I think of the spring spark as my refueling and reawakening of ideas that seems to happen with the longer days.  I just love when the sun shines brighter and life comes back.  I have been noticing all sorts of bird calls and saw a squirrel the other day.

This was an incredibly long winter in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  We had 75 consecutive days below freezing and I a pretty major snow storm on April 4th.  I am really ready for spring and the new designs are flowing freely!

Keum Boo is a process of diffusion bonding high karat gold onto silver.  This is a very awesome technique and I am working up new designs that show off the beauty of the bright yellow gold and a dark patinated silver.  Here is a shot of some of my first pieces!  These are not available yet, but will be listed online soon!


Another new process I learned was Die Cutting.  I have been making my own pancake dies, think of it like a homemade paper punch for metal.  This allows shapes to be duplicated in a more efficient manner.  These Quad Standard Darkened Copper Leaf Earrings are from the first die I made!  These are available for sale online, click the image for more information.



I don’t have any pictures from my NEW Hand Drawn Enamel Series, but they will be coming soon!  I found these amazing enamel pens that allow me to literally draw my design and fire it into the enamel.  This is so fun!  I used the new die cutting technique to make long skinny ovals that I coated in a base color and then drew on them with the enamel pens.  These are fun and whimsical and allow more color to make its way into my current body of work.

Speaking of the oval, there are many new pieces coming out that are based on the oval or segments of an oval.  Once again, keep your eyes peeled for these new pieces as well.

New in the Shop

We have been really busy in the store and I have had two employees decide to spread their wings and take flight onto other endeavors.  With the change of staff, I hired two new amazing assistants, one dedicated to the office and the other in the studio.  Janna is our new Office Assistant and Alison is the new Studio Assistant.  They both have been around for about a month and I am excited to have them as part of the team.  More about them coming soon!



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