The 100 Day Project: Update from Beth

15 is a few less than 100

Well, the 100 Day Project turned out to be harder for me to keep up on than I had planned.  In January, I made a trip to Florida to learn some new processes for jewelry making and once I was back, I stopped working on the 100 day project.

I signed up for the 100 day project to create space in my life for new designs and new ways of exploring three dimensional shapes through carving wax.  While I did see marked improvement in my skills over 15 days of wax carving, I am now finding myself in April with a mere 15 waxes to show for my project.  I think that all creativity comes from a place that is hard to cultivate and maybe my 15 days were just the spark I needed because I have a whole bunch of other new designs and pieces that are being worked on and I am really excited about them! Another trip up in my 100 day project commitment was only allowing myself 1 hour per day to carve wax.  I simply have a hard time stopping after one hour, so I would find myself spending 3-4 hours on a wax, without really having that much time to dedicate to it.

Regardless, it is what it is.  I am very grateful for the part of the project I completed and I think it is rather awesome to have even achieved what I have.

I think I asked the forces that be for wax carving skills. The answer I got was for a different question. I am okay with that. The question should have been: What new things should I explore? The answer was Keum Boo, Die Cutting and Enamel Pens.  More coming soon on this soon!

Here is the NEW Lake Superior Agate Silver Forest Cocktail Ring I created a few weeks ago!  Click the image for more info.

Lake Superior Agate Silver Forest Cocktail Ring  by Beth Millner


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