Jewelry Point of Sale and NEW Cuff Bracelet Designs

I have been busily installing a new point of sale system and more robust tracking of inventory in the shop. After the amazingly successful holiday rush, I needed to go head first into this project. I started working on this project back in October and now have finally gotten all of the systems into place.

I am sure there will be several weeks of tweaking and training, but for the most part our system is working well. We are using a combination of Shopify for our New Website, Shopify POS and Etsy, our main sales site since the beginning. The best part of this is that they all import inventory into Stitchlabs. Stitchlabs is going to be great for organizing our consignment galleries and inventory management. We are also using ShipStation to help aggregate all of our shipments. Okay, enough nerd speak! Onto the new designs!

Here are some of my initial sketches for the new cuff designs I am working on. I am excited to be creating a new line and hopefully will have some new pieces in the coming months.

Cuff Bracelet Designs by Beth Millner


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