Torch Enameling Upper Peninsula, MI Earrings


For the last couple of days, here at Beth Millner’s studio, I’ve been working on torch enameling.  It’s a new way of doing the process for me and with some time and practice I’ve really grown to love.  The only experience I had before this was when I use to work at a Youth camp and I was head of the arts and craft and we did some enameling with the kids.  It was really popular and the kids loved it.  The difference was at the camp we used a kiln which took a lot longer and more energy.  Mostly because we had to wait for the kiln to heat up to the right temperature.

With the torch process you have your heat source at the desired temperature instantly.  I personally, highly recommend the torch over the kiln.  I felt like I had more control of the outcome of my pieces and I got to experiment more with the torch.  It was also more hands on compared to just placing the pieces in a kiln and waiting. It did take a little bit of patience at first because I had to practice and get use to really steadily using my hand.  With time it got a lot easier.  The outcome of the pieces and the knowledge that I have gained from it made the whole process a well worth fulfilling expereince that I know I will continue to spend countless hours experimenting with.

Check out the video below that Beth made when she first started enameling in 2011.

– Kelly


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November 8, 2013 · 4:16 pm

One response to “Torch Enameling Upper Peninsula, MI Earrings

  1. woodlandfawn

    Very cool video. Beth is such a talented lady.

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