Charms and Chains

Hello again! This is Laurel and I am here to talk to you about chains. Making them, and what one to choose for your pendant or charm! Starting with the basics the parts connecting that make up a chain are called links. At Beth Millner Jewelry we have a number of chains available for purchase, here… Some chains are pre made and some handmade in the studio. The more intricate tiny chains are made by machines able to solder and put all the little bits together much more efficiently than my hands ever could.

Choosing the right chain for your piece is important so that it is showcased nicely and will hold up to wear and tear as you enjoy it. The more delicate fine chains go well with small charms and pendants while a broad chunky chain can be worn with pendant or as a piece on its own.

Hand Made Chain!

Chain making is something I began to love early in my education at NMU. I find it so satisfying as each link successfully soldered in its place joins the “ranks” with the others slowly but surely forming into a length, elegant and strong. In creating hand formed chain I deem it important to check the strength and quality of each link. For me it is mesmerizing to watch it grow and expand in length. I feel most relaxed in the studio when making chain. As with much in life taking it one link at a time is important.


This holiday season is fast upon us and we have been “elving” away in the studio at Beth Millner Jewelry. Much to our satisfaction and hopefully your admiration we have developed a new and soon to be revealed charm bracelet design! To add to the hand-made-in-studio sterling silver chain are a number of charms that Beth has designed. A great gift idea for a loved-one, this is a unique eco friendly gift that can continue to be added to over the years and special occasions! We will keep you updated with photos and news on this exciting new addition to the Beth Millner Jewelry collection!


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