Creeping up Skills…

Hello again,  I’m back to ramble on for a few about some new skills I have under my belt!  Over the last few months I have been in anticipation of learning how to solder Sterling Silver posts to the back of an earring.  A simple, but intriguing process involving patience, a steady hand and a good eye.  I have now had my first try at the process and I feel pretty good about it.  I had only one post that needed a little extra soldering when all was said and done.  Soldering posts—check!

Silver Tree Post Earrings

  Silver Tree Post Earrings

Silver Tree Post Earrings

Silver Tree Post Earrings

Another task I became slightly familiar with in the past month is making weddings bands.  Learning the process that you go through to determine the length of metal you need, how much solder you need, how to round it out and then to hammer it to size and add texture.  The last time I had a solder seam that long, I was creating a pair of Sterling Silver Plugs.  I mis-calculated the length of the metal and my beautiful pair of plugs were slightly to big for my ears!  😥  Sadness arose, but now with the additional training I have gained, I have a higher skill set to repeat that process with great success!  Mistakes are part of the process and I feel that making them and learning how to correct them are an integral piece of the puzzle.  Though I did not feel that way at the time when I was finally finished with my plugs and with all my might still could not cram them into my ear.  I now know why things went astray and how to fix it!  Long solder seams—check!

Today is Halloween!  Not sure if I need to say much more than that, but since you don’t really know me I suppose I should say something.  I love Halloween, I do.  I have since I was a child when my dad dressed my sisters and I up as mummies and put corn syrup and oatmeal on our faces.  Super itchy, but a great costume.  So as I wrote this entire post I have been staring at my reflection in the computer screen and what I see is a creepy green fairy making evil gestures and heckling verbal comments.  I hope that you all have a most ghoulish and safe Halloween.

Until next time….. The Absinthe Fairy

aka  Christy  🙂



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  1. Beautifull earrings! My skills stay where they are for now… since my school hasn’t started yet.. 😦

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