From Noodles to Topaz

Hello!! Since Christy did such a nice intro in the previous post I will attempt to follow in her lovely footsteps. So here goes, who I am and how I got here … I’m Laurel. I was born and grew up on this lovely peninsula. From an early age I was stinging noodles onto thread, this later became beads and before I knew it I was deciding to change my major at NMU from Ceramics to Metal Work! Time flies as they say and now I’m a graduate working in this lovely studio and so very lucky to be doing what I went to school for!


It all began with a need for housing. Beth had an apartment available in the building she had just purchased and we signed up to live there! Then she offered me space in her new studio to rent and make my own work. With her Etsy sales doubling and a soon to open store she offered another big opportunity to me. ” Would you like a job?” “Yes please!”  And so here I am and here we are! I have now been working for Beth a year and five months. It is a great job certainly, but it is also a continuation of my education and so much more!


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