In the Beginning there was a Photographer in the closet……

Hi there, my name is Christy and I have been working for Beth Millner Jewelry since late 2010.  I have filled my life with many professions and living off-grid always makes for an interesting day.  I am a Certified Massage Therapist, I hold a BFA with a concentration in Photography, I work as an Education Coordinator at a non-profit Watershed Preserve, I create Wood-Fired Ceramic Jewelry and I work in most aspects of Beth Millner Jewelry.  When I first started working for Beth she was still stationed out of a small office space in her home.  My short history of jewelry making in high school, my background in photography, and other artistic skills made my resume stand out.  I was hired for once a week every other week, this gradually turned into once a week and then the idea of expanding entered Beth’s brain and she mentioned the possibility of purchasing a building in downtown Marquette and wanted to know if my hours could increase and to take a larger role in the whole picture….

But, back to the beginning at the small office space at Beth’s home.

When I first started, I began taking photos of all her jewelry- in a closet 😉 , tagging and re-tagging and yet again more tagging of jewelry. 🙂  I worked my way into making earring hooks, pendant bales, polishing and filing.  Slowly building my skills up to working on the actual jewelry and learning as much as I could.  When her business took a turn for the greater my hours got bumped up, I continued re-tagging everything, lots of shipping and became, almost, the sole photographer of her work.  My skills sky-rocketed in learning how you run a business from the get go and gained the value of how much networking really does WORK!  Beth’s ability to reach into the world of technology and gain so much for the business was inspiring.

I then got to start working on more of jewelry side of things.  Two more amazing, talented and beautiful employees were hired and the business was on a consistent upward slope.  I am now using the skills I’ve learned to create my own recycled metal jewelry that I am, yet again, re-tagging and photographing.  I have since climbed out of the cramped closet in the small office at Beth’s home and have graduated into a simple set-up for taking photos of the jewelry on the second floor of the downtown store front.

Until next time…… Christy

Christy Budnick


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  1. Lovely share, I’m a big fan of Beth Millner work too…

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