NEW Mixed Metal Jewelry!

We have been so very busy in the store and online, luckily I now have three studio assistants and we can keep up with the increased demand.  =)  I am quite fond of these new pendants we just finished up.

Many of these are available online in my Etsy Shop!  Look in the Mixed Metal section.


The pendants below will soon be listed for sale online.  These pieces contain Lake Superior Agates!




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5 responses to “NEW Mixed Metal Jewelry!

  1. Franklin Lusak

    Art is the most elegant thing that whatever may be the field. It might have great stuff to get all looks only on it, I think so. Moreover I wanna say one thing about this amazing post is, this mixed metal jewelry has given a perfect modern look compared to other type of jewelry in these fashion jewelry arrivals. It seems that it is restricted for only women to wear it. I wish to be available for men also because no one wants to leave them without owning and wearing them. Thank you for posting this awesome modern jewelry.

  2. Isabel raman

    I think this is a wonderful way to made modern jewellery. I need to know, if you have the knowledge, how to clean silver after soldering in Cooper. Thank you in advanced

  3. Absolutely wonderful pieces. I just purchased my fist mini torch. I can’t wait to get started with soldering pieces. My hats off to you!

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