NEW Handmade Silver Wedding Bands for 2013!

I have been diligently working on some new wedding band designs where my trees are not sawn entirely through the band.  While we have been successfully crafting the sawn through rings for some time, they have been somewhat challenging for sizing and rounding out the rings.  

I am really very happy with the newly designed versions of these rings and I think they will be great for any wedding!  

Tree Moon Rising Rings by Beth Millner

Tree Moon Rising Rings by Beth Millner

Tree Couple Wedding Bands by Beth Millner

Tree Couple Wedding Bands by Beth Millner

You can see these rings and many others in my Etsy Shop!  

Beth Millner Jewelry on Etsy

Beth Millner Jewelry on Etsy



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18 responses to “NEW Handmade Silver Wedding Bands for 2013!

  1. Beautiful work! Can’t stop browsing through your jewelry…love it.

  2. No diamond needed 🙂 I’ve long been wanting one of your rings for a wedding band! I

  3. Bethany

    I love your wedding bands!

  4. Melody Conroy

    I love your work! Especially the new enamel Robin earrings!

  5. Christina

    I tagged you in an Etsy Facebook post. Not only did I think you made that ring, but when I realized you didn’t, I thought that you should add it to your collection! You know, so I can add another thing to my BM jewerly Wish List. 😉

  6. Amy

    I have a diamond that I would love to have “recycled” into a Beth Millner original piece of art. This summer I will be stopping into your marvelous store to discuss. 🙂

  7. sbodi411

    Is this where I tell you that I love your work and want the blue earrings? Because both of these are true statements.

  8. Jenna McDermott

    I love your work! Your wedding rings are my first choice when I suggest wedding rings to friends and family. I am excited about your give away!

  9. Kira Preneta

    Love all of your jewelry! I have some silver earrings and chains that are broken or no longer a pair. Would we be able to up cycle them into fabulous Beth Millner creations?

  10. Lorinda Gidner

    I love all the silver rings. I’m allergic to a lot of metals but Silver I am not.

  11. Danelle

    Your jewelry is amazing! I love looking through your beautiful creations. Congratulations and keep up the inspiring work.

  12. Courtney

    I love them! And I also hope I win your earring contest! 🙂

  13. Kate

    The rings looks extremely unique and sophisticated. It is the best choice for the special occasion.

  14. Wow, you are making some really beautiful and inspiring work! I especially like these rings. It kinda makes me wish I could do something like that. Thank you so much for sharing on your blog! 🙂

  15. Tia Rizzardi

    i remember seeing your work years ago at Hiawatha.
    I enjoy seeing you grow as an artist. I can’t wait to see whats new this summer when i head back up north!

  16. chaewoo lee

    Hi ^^ I love it. Ring is very simple and unique.

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