Giveaway Time! Win a $150 Gift Certificate for Beth Millner Jewelry!

The entry period for the giveaway is over, Pat Cornish-Hall is the winner!


I have been thinking about doing a sale for Valentine’s Day, but I have not come up with a great way to run the promotion yet.  So, I am running a giveaway to get ideas from YOU!

Win $150 Gift Certificate for Beth Millner Jewelry

To enter the giveaway, do these 3 things.

1.  Comment below with your idea for a good Valentine’s Day promotion that I could run online in my Etsy Shop and in my Marquette, MI Storefront.

2.  Add your name to my Newsletter (on the right hand side of the screen).

3.  “Like” my Facebook page and post on the wall stating why you want to get Beth Millner Jewelry for Valentines Day.

Do the 3 things above and you will be entered in a prize drawing to receive $150 Gift Certificate to use in the shop or online.  The winner will be picked on February 5th.  The entry period for the giveaway is over, Pat Cornish-Hall is the winner!


Beth Millner Jewelry on Etsy

Beth Millner Jewelry on Etsy



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97 responses to “Giveaway Time! Win a $150 Gift Certificate for Beth Millner Jewelry!

  1. Pat

    Not sure about the etsy promo, but for the store – For anyone bringing in wrapped piece of chocolate, you could offer a discount.

  2. Annette

    How about a tree with hearts on the branches?

  3. Nan Meloy

    Everything is just beautiful!!! How about a necklace with maybe the Tahquamenon falls on it. Not sure how hard that would be to make but I think it would be really cool!

  4. Marquette: Bring in your sweetie and recieve a free bouquet of carnations with order. and perhaps a complimentary snapshot with the new jewelry.

    Etsy: Purchase something for your sweetie and recieve it gift-wrapped with handmade Valentines Card from _____(fill in local artist, maybe Aoy could help with her handmade cards form Thailand?), ready to personalize and sign.

  5. Julie

    You could do a countdown. For example, purchases made on Feb 1 would receive 14% off, Feb 2 would receive 13% off, etc….

    Just signed up for the newsletter and am heading over to fb! 🙂 Thas!

  6. Jessica E.

    Maybe for the promo on etsy/in your store, you can offer free gift wrapping for anyone that is buying jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift.

  7. mrsdaman

    Anything with pairs(couple) of things are 20% off

  8. Heidi Marston

    Add a small heart cutout to some pieces ….. perhaps the robin cutout on top a a tiny heart? (I love the robin!)

  9. id do an extra for every order a bag of kisses or something so when they buy something it is ready to give — or add a pice of wrapping paper–
    or buy a bulk of gift boxes for different occasions

  10. Find a Michigan shaped chocolate to included with each item purchased. Like you fb and get your newsletter

  11. Most often the best Valentines gift returns a feeling of being loved back,so if a customer buys a piece for a lover then offer them the second piece for themselves at 50% off!

  12. Lisa Cory

    Hide a red rose on the site…find it for a discount. Maybe 14% for Valentine’s day.

  13. Valarie

    anyone that spent so much money would get free shipping in your etsy store.

  14. Merrilee Keller

    Sweet naturals for your sweet natural……try my mixed metal natural creations!

  15. • free engraving on any (engravable) item purchased? (would only cost you time but might boost some sales esp for rings.)
    • buy 1 item at full price, get 25% off another item? (would boost immediate sales.)
    • buy 1 item at full price, get a $50 credit towards your next purchase over $100? (would cost you in the long run, but on a more sporadic way than reducing prices all at once.)
    • free shipping? (which wouldn’t work for an in-store promo, but working retail myself, this is something we get asked for all the time.)

  16. Gail

    A small heart shaped silver charm with a purchase.

  17. Janice

    Forest Wedding Bands,,as a bonding ring, what a better way to show your love with a personalized band you both can share. What a more natural way to show a natural emotion of Love,for Valentines. Or personalized necklaces. what a nice way to add matching earrings to sell. ; )

  18. Brian Barker

    Valentine Day giveaway idea. Do something where the winner has to post a pick presenting the gift certificate to his/her live one.

  19. Anna

    OOOO HI think a pendent with two swans making a heart with their neck… awwwww, but for a sale maybe you could run a donation thing, people who donate candy or valentines for the less fortunate can get a discount!!

  20. Debbie Moore

    Your jewelery is so beautiful and needs very little promotion. Melt their hearts with the enduring symbols of your love and respect. Your twin pines rings and wave rings should lead the way, along with the pendants that show the reversable trees.

  21. Diane Sowa

    For the store have some sort of item like tiny rubber ducks or hearts. Put a discount amount on the bottom. That’s what they get off their purchase and everyone would at least get one good amount do everyone wins. I am sure you could come up with something similar for Etsy.

  22. Susan

    I like the idea of having 14% off any item bought from February 1st through the 14th. This would generate business in either place.

  23. Work out a deal with a local hotel. You give them free advertising as a romantic get-away location, and they donate a free room for the night. Then you can give customers one chance for every $50 the customers spend. This encourages them to spend a little extra too.

  24. Darla Iaquinta

    I like the idea of something with “Love Birds.”

  25. Anna Dravland

    You could do a free gift with purchase. Maybe give away one rose per item or per dollar amount. That way boys will be encouraged to buy more so they don’t also have to stop for flowers. Hehe

  26. My idea was already taken with the 14% of Valentines Day gifts. Your getting lots of great ideas!

  27. MY Idea for your promotion…putting my marketing experience to use….It could be called “Calling all Cupids!” Every customer that brings in a pic of their loved one…grandma, child, significant other that they are purchasing a piece for will receive a 25% discount. (Can be actual pic, email, smart phone, whatever).
    Front window could have empty pic frames hanging with a cupid and arrow going through a frame….with the sale info in one of them…get it?

  28. julie

    For Etsy, it would be nice to include a chain with a purchase of a pendant for Valentine’s Day or give a buy one get one half off discount. Another great idea for both Etsy and Storefront, have customers write up a paragraph of who their Valentine is and give a free gift or discount to the best story.

  29. kathie macchioni

    throw in a small petoskey stone. not only are they the state stone, but gorgeous and you could include a way that you showcase them in your artwork.

  30. Barb Veeser

    have a special ‘men’s night’ and a special ‘ladies’ night’ and have your fantastic jewelry set out for them to browse ….on could do a similiar ‘night’ of shopping for 14% off

  31. Melissa Decker

    For Etsy, I think it would be cool to see a gift package for a man with a piece of custom jewelry (maybe a neat keychain?) as well as some ofther valentine’s day-type stuff (like chocolates, a dvd, etc.). For your store, why not have an in-store event a few days before V-Day where you give (or sell) tickets and then hold a drawing for a necklace or something else?

  32. Sharon Pruens

    Valentien Day giveaway idea. Maybe have their intitials incorporated on the jewerly but have a small design of the state of Michigan in between the names. This way it show the love of two people and the love of this great state.

  33. I like the birds that you do, so maybe run a special on “love birds” have someone pick a blossom off a tree to unwrap a discount on those items or I liked the chocolate idea, open a chocolate and see what kind of discount. Or instead of discount items include chocolate or flowers with their purchase.

  34. I like a choice in a promo… Offer 14% off, custom engraving, or free shipping! that way the choice is theirs… though the free shipping might be an issue on the etsy shop with the new international price hikes! That way you appeal to a broader audience.

  35. Already a fan on FB and signed up for the newsletter… I like the idea of custom personalization. Offering a discount on that or for purchases over X amount $$$ would be a great way of drawing people into the store or on line… Also offering free gift wrapping or tasty Michigan made chocolate would be great too…

  36. Limited edition pendant – a heart shaped pendant with two trees etched into it. possibly the year etched into the back of it. Limit the sales until Feb 14th. After that it will no longer be available. Have a different design next year etc….

  37. from a beekeeper: something with the theme “the birds and the bees” – inclusive for all couples since not gender related – sexy, romanthic reference – and connected to your amazing work!

  38. NikNak

    A special to help the boyfriends/husbands/signifigant other out there. If they order one piece of jewelry, they get a second piece at a special price of have free engraving on their purchased piece.

  39. Jill Walker

    Include a small piece of copper ore or a small copper heart. The heart could be enameled as a pendant.

  40. Hannah Kilgren

    Valentine’s Day Promo suggestion: Advertise your unique ENGAGEMENT RINGS! …by offering a special price to anyone who comes in (or places an order online) before February 14th to place a design/order for an engagement ring?

  41. Sue

    20% off all lockets.

  42. mikki

    free shipping and gift wrap on Etsy for V-day gifts ordered between certain dates.
    14% off a PAIR of earrings at Marquette shop

  43. Nancy Sawinski

    Offer a certain percentage off what you spend……… between Feb 1st-14th
    ex. 10%off $75-150 ….15%off $150-225 and so on

  44. Janet Williams.

    For every $14 spent you could give $1 off. If you spend over $140 free shipping and a signature piece for free. A heart shaped charm or a pendant with a tree and a tiny heart hanging from one branch. Something people will want, but can only get when they spend the $140. When you ship you could throw in a handful of chocolate kisses in each box. How about a bird with a small notecard in its beak with a heart on it? Just a few ideas.

  45. Patty Beyer

    Offer 14% off for any items with a small heart on it (I know you like to hide them on pieces!) or that have “love” birds on them!

  46. This seems like a wonderful place. Is it only local or could I find a distributor of jewelry in boca raton fl for example?

  47. Connie

    How about a his/hers BOGO (free or some % off) deal or a discount for anyone explaining how the item being purchased represents love (for example someone ordering a woodland scene pendant might say it’s because their proposal was in the woods)?

  48. Holly Bostwick

    Free Candy with purchase! At your store and online 🙂

  49. Lynn

    Buy a necklace, get 50% off the matching earrings.

  50. Lisa

    HOw about offering a nice “Valentine’s” day themed wrapping for all gifts purchased for Valentine’s Day? That could be done both in the store and via Etsy…

  51. Sarah

    Offer a discount on pieces with hearts or the “love” birds on them. I absolutely adore the new birds and the bees piece you are working on though as well. 🙂

  52. Grace

    Leaf pendants with little hearts cut out of them with the purchase of $75.00 or more

  53. Erin

    Free engraving with purchases over $100 or for in store a glass bowl of folded hearts and customers can select one heart to see the discount they get.

  54. Deb Nuernberg

    14% off through Valentine Day…guess I’m not the first one to think of that, ha!! Or 14% off if you live in Michigan 😉

  55. racergirl1313

    I like the idea of free engraving on items. That makes them more personal, which is perfect for Valentine’s day!

  56. April

    I think any of the above ideas are great! A $ off discount is always nice!

  57. racergirl1313

    I forgot to add that I signed up for the newsletter and commented on FB. Thanks!!

  58. Amanda (Hazelett) Kane

    WOW so many great ideas! Many of which I thought of too before reading others 🙂
    design idea – a tree with the branches in the shape of a heart
    I also love rocks and would love to see something design wise with rocks in it
    esty sales special – a free handmade card with purchase, free polished small stone with heart on it, or a certificate to “spread the love” card and give 14% off the next purchase to use yourself OR give to a friend to use

  59. Maybe every one who comes in the store between Feb 1-14 wearing something love-related gets some discount off their purchase?

    For Etsy, maybe for every purchase, you will give a portion to something couple-related. Immediate thoughts are a wolf rescue org (I love wolf haven!) since wolves mate for life, or maybe an org that helps women in abusive relationships?

  60. Edie Santo

    “Sweetheart Promo”-have a “password” posted on FB and Etsy to receive discount. Leaf gift tags for giftbox/giftbags:)

  61. Kris

    14% off on all purchases Valentines Day! or 20% off items with a heart or 20% off entire purchase and free shipping if customer orders $50 worth of products.

  62. SarahLynn

    Promotion: get a 5, 10 whatever% discount for sharing how you met your love. Best love story come Valentine’s day win’s something awesome.

  63. Kris

    Another idea is to offer full price for one item, 1/2 off for the second item or 1/2 off from select items….

  64. Tina

    Free shipping is a nice touch

  65. Joyce K

    A simple one or two line valentine poem…love all your stuff!!

  66. Sandy Lane

    Include a $14-off card for a future purchase with each purchase between February 5th and 14th. In store – Get $14 off your purchase if you donate one or more canned good for the local food pantry (showing a different kind of love).

  67. Angela

    Well I think we should send you a valentines card or post card and you should put them in a a giant container of sorts and pick one or two 😉 that would take care of the store and online 😉 and if you don’t win maybe a 10% discount to all who enter ..

  68. Lindsey J. Wooten

    Perhaps for your Marquette store you could do charity along with selling things – perhaps a food drive? Offer a discount on items if people donate canned goods and the like?

    On Etsy you could do the same but set up monetary donation with a chosen charity, and if someone donates a certain amount of money they will get a discount on items?

  69. Special Valentine’s wrapping with a personalized note card.

  70. Leah Spencer

    I love the idea of supporting local charities all year round. I think that would be a great promotion for your store– monetary donations to a charity could allow shoppers to recieve 1/2 of their donation amount toward a piece in your shop, with reciept of donation as proof. For your etsy store, I am always personally attracted to BOGO sales or BOGO 1/2 off, free shipping, etc. Those things reel me in and make me want to be a repeat customer– even though your pieces truely speak for themselves. I would love to someday own some.

  71. Amanda Jankowski

    If someone is planning on proposing this V-Day, maybe offer the option of proposing with a ring from your store, then allowing the couple to come in together to design their real wedding set at a special price, if they share the story of the proposal? They would apply the purchase price from the proposal ring to the final cost. I’ve seen this done before, where the stone from the proposal ring was moved into the final product and the bride was grateful to be a part of the design process!

    For those interested non-engagement gifts, why not offer a special discount or gift certificates that they can give to their sweetheart? Maybe if the gift recipient comes to the store and shares the story of how they received the gift, they can choose from an assortment of charms or something special to add to their gift?

    For online, I think it’s a great idea to offer the matching pieces to whatever the customer initially buys, at a discounted price. Then they have a complete set, and you’ve upped the sale!

    Too often people trivialize this holiday because we should “show our love everyday” – well of COURSE we should! But that’s no reason NOT to make this day a little bit more special to your special someone!

  72. I always think that surprises are a good promotion. So, for both Etsy shop and physical locale it could be a special gift to the 14th sale of the day. That way you can draw people to shops for the day, start an early day buying frenzy and surprise someone with a lovely gift. A small % off coupon could be rewarded to other buyers that has to be used within 14 days to carry the theme on.

  73. Elyse MacKenzie

    some ideas:
    *buy a necklace and get earrings 1/2 off
    *Make a purchase and get 25% off of a future purchase
    *free wrappping and card with purchase

  74. I think your birds & bees pendant is perfect for Valentine’s day, espcially for a promotional item. Perhaps any bird or bee related item a percentage off Valentines week.

  75. Jodi Bollaert

    Hi Beth! Here are a few ideas for ya!
    *Free beer, milk and cookies while you shop in-store for Valentine’s Day
    *Special “Favorite Michigan Products” custom design giveaway (something with Michigan and a heart in your location perhaps?) that is promoted via the FMP Facebook page and yours 🙂
    *Best snow angel photo contest wins a BMJ gift!

  76. kimberly flynn

    How about having ppl write a short story on how they met….most romantic wins! 🙂

  77. Kit Domers

    You could make something with the Great Lakes.Offer free shipping and free wrapping and a discount coupon for anyone who buys for Valentine’s Day.Make something specific to different cities in Michigan.I love your pieces.Keep up the good work.

  78. Denise

    How about a random drawing for a pendant with every earring set purchase? Gather earring purchases for a certain frame of dates and purchaser names go into a random drawing to be revealed on a specific day in time for Valentine’s gift giving. That way you are rewarding your customers and not just attracting customers through a discount and your margins won’t be as affected.

  79. Free us shipping in etsy.
    Free engraving.
    Find a heart hidden in one of your etsy pictures for a discount code.
    I get your newsletter and fb fan.

  80. For your etsy store I would do a deal of the day, or purchase a certain amount get a free gift or discount, then give a discount for returning customers, one for your girl friend or wife and one for your mom etc. For your store front I would do get a free gift wrap and flowers.

  81. win a free pair of earrings! love your work!

  82. Meredith Preble

    The promotional idea I would suggest would be around “Giving yourself the love this Valentines Day”

  83. Dori

    well all of these are good ideas, what about a valentine party at your store from (ex 4pm-6pm) no more than 2 hours, have door prizes(little junky things, candies,gift certificates,etc) serve heart shaped cookies and pink lemonade or red soda. have special sales every 30mins (or 14 mins if you want) like for the next 20 minutes everything in pendants is 25% off or all earrings 10% off etc and make sure to have end times and ENFOIRCE them. let everyone here know and make flyers and have some kids put them on cars in your parking lot the day before. stuff like that.
    for the etsy store-even though we all love something free that is not good for you! what about everyone that buys “x” amount between now and the 13th get their names in a drawing for a special gift and 10% off too. that way you only have to give one item away and it might entice people to buy a littel more than they originally planned, also advertise here and on etsy home page if they will let you. word of mouth is fab too if you can get friends etc to tell folks or forward to their friends list etc. If you have 10 friends on here and each of them have 10 friends and they all forward your ads you will reach 100 people but if those next 10 forward its 1000 and well you get the idea. maybe like with this drawing put people that forward your ad in for a drawing. just a thought. ok cant think of anything else right now, LOL

  84. Free wrapping and free shipping on Etsy and free gift wrap in store. Add a discount coupon for a future purchase for both online and instore purchases.

  85. Kimberly Asher

    Love all your unique jewerly haven’t seen a thing I wouldn’t wear…keep showing my husband I think he’s getting the hint! Hope to visit the shop in July when my son and I make out annual trip up.

  86. For you promo … I ❤ free shipping … Gives free shipping? Or % off if buying two or more items?

  87. Becky Callender

    I would say a discount to anyone who posts a story on your facebook site about why they are giving their special someone a piece of your fabulous jewelry!

  88. Monica Nederhood

    Buy one, get one 50% off from the Love Bird Collection.

  89. Kristine Kasper

    Single items bought leave @ the 14%. Items that r in sets 25% off / then get to be in a drawing a chance to win money off a next purchase. Kristine kasper

  90. Debbie Carter

    Write a love note to your valentine and receive a percentage off of your purchase. We will even include the note with the gift and wrap it for you!

  91. Michelle

    I didn’t read all your comments so don’t know if this one was used or not, free heart charm with $50.00 or more purchase, use code LOVE14

  92. Kari Coffey

    I’d love anything with a heart with a real note to say Happy VDay!

  93. Judy

    You are getting a lot of excellent ideas here. Could you custom engrave a little card that slides in and out of a silver envelope, but still stays attached? Then make it into a pendant? That would be something to treasure if it was a unique saying between the couple. Doubt that you have enough time to pull that off though…unless it was a prize from all sales made by a predetermined cutoff date.

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