New Jewelry in my Etsy Shop.

Beth Millner at Beth Millner Jewelry Marquette, Michigan

Beth Millner at Beth Millner Jewelry Marquette, Michigan

Things have been going really great in my new storefront in Marquette, Michigan!  I also have been very busy with online orders.  I am excited to be increasing the hours of my two helpers!! It will be really nice to have a little more assistance and give them more income.  I am so grateful to have Christy and Laurel around the shop and I think they like their jobs a lot too.

One thing that I hope to get more on top of now that I have more help is listing more items in my etsy shop!  I have taken a couple of hours on my day off to list a few new items.  These designs have been really popular in the store and I am sure they will be a big hit online also this holiday shopping season.

Beth Millner Jewelry

Round Silver Tree Pendants

Beth Millner Rings

Round Silver Tree Rings

Beth Millner Earrings

Round Silver Tree Earrings



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5 responses to “New Jewelry in my Etsy Shop.

  1. So pleased to see your success. Your logo looks amazing and your designs are supurb as always and we hope the store goes from strength to strength. You are Featured Artist today at Bees Hive Beezine

  2. Jeweler Online

    Hi ..You have simple but stunningly beautiful jewelry designs. I am in the same business but I don’t make my own jewelry. I just sell them, but I see skill and art when I see it and you got it..Keep up with your creations…thanks

  3. I just love diamond jewelery.Personally, I believe thatdiamond rings is the ultimate symbol of prestige and class.I also love your round silver tree rings design.Its really funky and unique design.

  4. Anonymous

    “New Jewelry in my Etsy Shop. | Jewelry Business Blog” seriously got myself simply addicted with ur
    blog! Iwill wind up being back again alot more regularly.
    Thanks a lot -Felicia

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