Beth Millner Jewelry Opening May 16th.


I have spent many hours getting my new store ready over the last week!  I have found awesome tenants for the apartments behind my store and worked out leases and all of the details of being a landlord. My partner Mike helped with some minor repairs that needed to be done.  I had wanted to convert the apartments to artist studios in the future, but the amazing thing is the two apartments I had opening rented to artists!  How cool is that?  Even cooler yet, my one bedroom apartment is going to be rented to an acquaintance that has just graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in jewelry from Northern Michigan University, right here in Marquette.  Her name is Laurel and her jewelry is fabulous.  I am very excited to be also renting her some studio space in my new workshop.

Shop and Gallery Set Up

Some of the things I have done to ready the store have mainly been moving items in, setting up my studio and getting the gallery space ready.  I got the glass replaced on my display cases and hung photos of my jewelry on the walls.  I have also been busy with online and custom orders and I am really enjoying working in the new space.

Help is so good!

I am so very grateful for my assistant Christy.  She spent EIGHT hours polishing all of my jewelry.  I have many items right now and will hopefully be sending some items out on consignment soon.  My assistant Christy has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and she concentrated in photography.  She is also now taking all of the photos of my jewelry and is doing a great job!

I have my jewelry in many locations around Michigan and with help from employees, I will be able to still have items for sale in these other locations.  For a full list of the galleries and gift shops where you can find my jewelry, please take a look at the Galleries Page on my website.

I am so grateful for the supportive community I live in.  As a token of my appreciation, the first 10 customers at Beth Millner Jewelry downtown Marquette, Michigan on my opening day of May 16th will receive a FREE piece of jewelry!  I will be having a grand opening sometime at the end of June and will be announcing that in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to seeing you at my store!


Beth Millner

Beth Millner Jewelry
521 W Washington St
Marquette, Michigan 49855
(906) 226 3540

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