Badger Creek Farm

Did you know that my partner Mike and I run and operate Badger Creek Farm in Marquette, Michigan? Much of the profits from my jewelry business are re-invested into the farm.  This is something that is very important to Mike and I and we feel very grateful to follow our passions.

Since April of 2011 we starting raising animals.  Mike built an incubator and we got fertilized chicken eggs from a friend and then hatched the eggs, resulting in a bunch of chickens.  We are currently supplying ourselves with plenty of eggs and have a few extra at this point.

In September of 2011 we started raising goats.  Mike has been milking 3 of them since then and has started a dairy share program.  He has also started making artisan goat cheeses in a large variety. The goats are a ton of fun and we totally enjoy having them.  If you are interested in owning a share in the herd, take a look at the farms facebook page for more information.  Mike is currently servicing 8 families with our herd of goats.

We now have 8 ducks and two of them lay two HUGE duck eggs daily.  The ducks are really fun and I enjoy bringing them a bath of warm water every morning.  Today we are going to expand their shelter a bit and go outside and enjoy the warm weather.

We will be ordering seeds soon and thinking about planting some seedlings indoors.  We really want to get a greenhouse soon and we think the future holds some pig rearing as well.

Since starting the farm, we have gathered up a lot of equipment, but we could still use a few things.  If you are in the Marquette, Michigan area please consider offering some of your unwanted building/gardening supplies.

Badger Creek Farm is looking for supplies as donations or for second-hand purchase.
1. Earthway Precision Garden Seeder
2. Parts for a Drip Line Irrigation System
3. Frost-less Hydrant
4. All types of fencing and fence posts
5. Wheelbarrow
6. Metal Roofing, Building Supplies
7. Small portable structures
8. Greenhouse Parts or Complete Greenhouses

Please contact with any offers of these supplies.  Thank you!


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