Torch Fired Enamels

I experimented in my studio yesterday with torch firing enamels. I really like the outcome and I am sure I will be doing more enameling.

It is fun how spontaneous it is to work with the powdered enamel. I used one some of my previously hand sawn birds for a stencil! I decided to go with black and white so I would not overwhelm myself with all of the color options right away. I did a 3 layers of black base coating, then I set a little hand sawn bird on top and sprinkled white enamel around them to achieve the silhouette.  The second pair down was done a little differently, sprinkling enamel on the silhouette of a bird, on the ground rather than the figure.

On the bottom pair, which is my favorite, I used a scribe to draw tree branches in. I think there will definitely be more enameled trees in my future.

Let me know what you think of these new earrings Enameled Snow Bird Earrings so far.  They are not quite finished yet.

Enameled Bird Earrings by Beth Millner

Enameled Bird Earrings by Beth Millner



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4 responses to “Torch Fired Enamels

  1. Gorgeous! I’ve been enameling for about a year now, but using a kiln (I don’t have my own which makes it hard!). I just purchased a torch yesterday to experiment with torch firing as well and can’t wait to get started in a couple days! I agree with you and the bottom pair are my favorites as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great job and the bottom ones are perfect! They’re all nice but those are special.

  3. I love you work and I love the earrings! I like the effect where it looks like different levels of snow..snow drifts if you will! LOVE

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