Jewelry Business Objectives: 2012

I have been thinking about my recent post, 5 Years in Business as a Jewelry Artist and I had a list of 5 things that I would like to do in the next five years.  I got to thinking about the next year of my business and thought it would be good to set some design and jewelry related goals for 2012.

TO DO: 2012

  1. Men’s Line of Jewelry
  2. More Wedding Bands
  3. Engagement Rings/Wedding Band Sets
  4. Wax Carving for Lost Wax Casting
  5. Lockets

1.  Men’s Line of Jewelry

Men's Tree Wedding Band

Men's Tree Wedding Band

I have been thinking a lot more about wedding jewelry and in particular Men’s Jewelry.  I recently bought a pretty large quantity of tools from a man who was unable to continue the craft of metalsmithing.  Some of the items that came along with the tool purchase were a variety of tie tack, cuff link, tuxedo stud and tie clip findings.  Findings are functional components that can be attached to jewelry such as clasps, ear wires, pin backs etc.  I make a lot of the findings in my jewelry own jewelry as I feel that this gives my work a certain aesthetic that I enjoy.

I think the various men’s jewelry findings will be used in my jewelry in the new year.  Some of the design choices I will make in order to design men’s jewelry may be a bit of a challenge, but I am excited to make a new line and new types of jewelry.

2.  More Wedding Bands

Sterling Silver Wedding Rings by Beth Millner

Sterling Silver Wedding Rings by Beth Millner

I have a small variety of Wedding Bands currently listed in my Etsy Shop and Website.  I have done really well with these different wedding band designs and I would love to make more.  I have made many custom rings over the last year.  Which can be seen over at Flickr along with other custom pieces.

3.  Engagement Rings with Matching Wedding Bands

I would like to make some Engagement Rings for Women along with wedding bands that correspond to the engagement band.  I imagine I will do more experimentation with various stone setting techniques.

4.  Wax Carving

In the large pile of tools I bought, there was an entire lost wax casting kit.  I also got a pile of wax that will last me forever.  I am interested in doing some work with the wax, carving and creating wax models that I will cast into finished metal pieces.  I am a little nervous about the casting as I have not done any casting since I was a college student.  In my blog post 5 Years in Business as a Jewelry Artist, I talked about building a studio outside of my house.  Part of the reason for this is that my casting set up is currently in my office and I do not really have the proper setup to do this in our home, although I may get some ventilation hooked up and just go for it in the office.

5.  Lockets

I am very pumped about making a new line of lockets.  I am not exactly sure what they will be like at all, but I really have had great success with my current line of lockets and I really enjoy making them.

Woodland Forest Locket by Beth Millner

Woodland Forest Locket in Sterling Silver



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6 responses to “Jewelry Business Objectives: 2012

  1. I can’t wait to see your mens’ line! I will be 1st in line to purchase a ring!

  2. Beautiful Locket! Very unique, not like your typical lockets. Do you hand make these?

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  4. It looks nice. Keep up the good work

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