Featured Jewelry Artist: Angela Carter of Alternative Chic

Angela took one of my silversmithing classes a while back and and she took off with her own unique designs.  She has also started a business making and selling her work and has been getting many awards over the past few months!

I ran a little contest with previous class members submitting work and Angela won the contest!  I am happy to feature her on my blog with her winning submission!

My name is Angela Carter. I have been blessed (formerly considered cursed,) with being my own unique individual. When I was a child, my music of choice was Dionne Warwick and Opera on my mom’s old radio/record player. I talked to everyone and anyone, constantly. My endless banter drove many adults to craziness. Much to my mother’s irritation, I never followed a pattern or recipe. Every project was uniquely mine, good or bad.

As an adult, I now know that my eccentricities are my assets and I share them freely with those who will listen. (Yes, I do still talk endlessly.) I have found that there are people who appreciate my unique view of the world, and I appreciate theirs. They help me grow as an artist and an individual.

Every project is still uniquely mine, and although I have learned to live in a world where Opera and Dionne Warwick do not coexist, I am still my defiant, independent, eccentric little self.

Angela Carter Jewelry - Alternative Chic

What do you make?
     Copper, Sterling Silver and Brass jewelry
What are your materials?
     Copper, Silver and Brass
What is your art about? What inspires you?
     I like to play with movement and texture and I like to make ugly things pretty and old things new
What is your favorite part of living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula?
     Living within 10 minutes of 5 different lakes and the Escanaba river 🙂:)
What events can we see your work at?
     Art Shows and Galleries

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2 responses to “Featured Jewelry Artist: Angela Carter of Alternative Chic

  1. Wow… these pieces are amazing! especially the tree pendants, I wonder how long it takes to make them. I glad I stumbled upon into this page while browsing…

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