New Affordable Jewelry!

I have been making many new pieces of jewelry over the winter and spring that were in the $200-$300 range and I found at Blissfest that many people could not afford these designs.  I worked really hard between Blissfest and Hiawatha to make a more affordable line of jewelry in the $60-$190 range!

Here are some pictures of the new pieces, some are available on and eventually all will be listed on and

To see all of the full size images, take a look at my facebook page

Leafy Surface Leafy Tree Pendant

Round Landscape Earrings

Lovebird Chickadee Ring

Chickadee Ring

Emerging Flower Series

Double Perched Chickadee Set

Tiny Leafy Tree Series 2011

Tiny Leafy Tree Series 2011

Tiny Leafy Tree Series 2011

Small Leafy Tree Series 2011

Leafy Tree Pendant Series 2011

Tiny Silver Chickadee Series

Silver Chickadee Pendant Series



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3 responses to “New Affordable Jewelry!

  1. love the birdy… pendant and the ring..
    good work

  2. Hi Beth,
    Your jewelry is fabulous. I was browsing on Ganoksin and found your link. With the price of silver so high it is hard to reduce prices. Have you ever thought of using aluminum instead, with copper and brass? This way you could create a line that would be affordable to everyone.
    Best of luck to you, Jennifer

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