What is Art?

The Marquette Art and Culture Center is a fabulous asset to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They do a great job running workshops, plays, exhibitions, running a gift shop, hosting an annual holiday art shows along with many other events. The director, Nikke Nason, has is extremely hard working and is full of wit and ambition we all admire her dedication the the MACC.  She has an amazing staff of people who are always professional and busily working on one of their many projects.  Hats off to the Marquette Arts and Culture Center. 

There is currently an exhibition on display entitled, “What’s in a Name?”  The show includes works by Sean Stimac and Joe Sobel, two of my fellow art alumni from Northern Michigan University.

Recently the Marquette Arts and Culture Center kept one of the political works on display after it was criticized publicly by a local politician.

Read this article about this controversy in the local paper: Political exhibit on public property declaring some Republican governors are American fascists sparks reaction among area GOP; organizers defend decision to present material.

Stimac’s and his piece entitled, “American Fascists” are being criticized along with our renowned Arts and Culture Center.  They are under fire because apparently some people think that political art is not art.

How can something that a person designed and hung on a wall be qualified as a non-work of art?!  Seriously, do we rely on politicians to tell artists what art is or isn’t?  You do not need to like a work of art for it to be considered art.  Political art is still art regardless if you agree with its message.  Period.

The Marquette Arts and Culture Center has made the correct decision to keep this work on display. By keeping this piece of art on the wall the gallery is doing its job.

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