Copying Art: Why not to worry.

For a long time I have been hearing comments about copying of another artist. I have had some realizations that make me worry less and less about this topic and I thought you would like to hear them.

1. I am not the only person who makes sawn silhouette jewelry and even if I was, I could not meet the demand for it. I am at capacity right now with customers, shows and classes. If people in other places want sawn silhouette jewelry, I may not even be able to meet their need.

2. If I get my wish, people will buy more and more handmade, meaning we need more and more people making things. I am glad there are other metalsmiths around to take on some of the demand for handmade jewelry.

3. Your artwork is unique because it is made by you! I had a teacher tell me once if someone copies you, take it as a compliment and then make something else, get better and move on to more challenging work.

For inspiration on the topic of copying, check out this blog post by Austin Kleon, “How to Steal Like and Artist”



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3 responses to “Copying Art: Why not to worry.

  1. Exactly.

    I bookmarked Austin Kleon’s article when it first came out and read it from time to time but I completely agree with the ‘move on to the next challenge’ mantra. Copies of my work look nothing like my work, in my eye and using other artist’s ideas to improve your own work is nothing less than drawing by inspiration.

    Beautiful work, always :: lynn

  2. Thanks for your comments Lynn!

  3. Its definitely a compliment when someone copies the art… but I guess blogging world (food bloggers) appreciates when you address the source.
    Creativity is a reflection of various events registered in ones mind. I sure dont look at it as copying.

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