Buying a Home.

The leaves are just beginning to change here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  My garden has not frosted yet and we picked a few awesome tomatoes yesterday.  I really feel that autumn is a huge transition time for me and this year will be one of the larger transitions I have made.

Mike, my partner and I are purchasing a home!  We found a great spot with a few wooded acres and it is close to town.  We are very, very excited to be moving into this new home.  It needs some repairs including a couple of major ones, but no surprises since we made the decision to purchase. Luckily Mike is a licensed contractor and can do the work.

Beth Millner's Studio 2007

Studio 2007

I will be moving my studio again!  As many of you know,  I have had a studio in many places.  I started my business in 2007, when Mike and I were living in a small home, a really small home 18′ X 18 ‘ total.  I had a little spot next to the front door where I started making my creations.

We moved from this house in 2008 just after I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in May of 2008.  It was a great little house to live in and work from, but we wanted a taste of living a down-to-earth lifestyle.


Studio 2008

Studio 2008

We wanted to live off of solar panels, bathe in a river and use what was just there.  I loved living in the woods!  We had rented out a sweet little cabin, which was almost the same size as the house we lived in (pictured above).  The cabin was a timber frame log home, we heated and cooked with wood, walked barefoot and made some really amazing life long friends.  In October of 2008, we decided it was time for an epic journey.

Mike and I decided to go on a voyage around the country.  We ended up convincing our friends Traci and Robel to do the same and we had the most amazing journey, The Art Show Tour 2009.

Here are some of the images of the studios I set up while traveling around the US and a couple of other candid shots.  The image to the right is my studio outside at Traci’s dads house in Cowpens, SC.

Turtle Eating Flowers

Turtle Eating Flowers! Cape Coral, Florida.

Here I was making jewelry outside with Elaina’s (Traci & Robel’s Daughters’) toys strewn about =)

I got to hang out with some pelicans in the Florida Keys!

Studio in Homestead, FL

Studio in Homestead, FL

Here was my bench set up in a cabin we rented for a few days in Homestead, FL.  It was a short stay, but I remember cranking out a couple of Etsy orders. (right)

Sunset in Bisbee, AZ

Sunset in Bisbee, AZ

This was the most amazing sunset we saw in Bizbee, AZ.  Wow, the colors are so intense!

Hummingbird Potrero, CA

Hummingbird Potrero, CA

After our epic journey around the country, we decided to move back into the cabin.  Once the fall hit, I really got the itch to move into town, downtown Marquette.  We rented a 3 bedroom apartment in October of 2009 and have been living here for just about a year.  Here is a photo of my current studio 2010 taken just a few days ago.

Studio 2010

Studio 2010

My next studio is bound to be another adventure, but I am looking forward to settling into a place.  Each time I set up shop, it gets a little more organized and efficient.  We should be moving into our new home at the end of October, just in time for Halloween and Mike’s Birthday!  I will be sure to post pictures of the new place.

I am currently running a promotion until the end of September where purchases over $100 in my Etsy shop get a FREE $50 gift certificate.  I am using the promotion to help us transition into our new home and as a thank you to all of my loyal customers!


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