New One-of-a-kind Pieces!

For a long time now I have been adding items to My Etsy Shop that are made when ordered.  I really like for my customers to be able to come and browse my shop for the matching earrings to a pendant they already own.  Having items made when ordered allowed me to streamline my photographing, item listing and really helped me refine my designs and work in production.  I really enjoy finishing many pieces and using my time in the studio in an efficient way.

That said, I have been also yearning to do some One-of-a-Kind pieces, with this process,  I will not need a template or pattern of my design and I can be more free with experimentation.

I am really, really excited to show some of my new OOAK (One of a Kind) Reversible Fanciful Flower Pendants.  Each design will only be made one time, so once they are sold the design will not be replicated!  This make for a very special piece that only one person will have!

Fanciful Flower Pendant no.1

Fanciful Flower Pendant no.2

Fanciful Flower Pendant no.3

Fanciful Flower Pendant no.4



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3 responses to “New One-of-a-kind Pieces!

  1. I love your work, and I agree with you having one of kind makes it more special. That’s why I make some of my own pieces just for my own use, just so I know nobody ells will have the same thing.

  2. I love love love your work. These flower pendants are so pretty! Beautiful work.

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