Thrift Store Jewelry Display!

I found this really ugly, but very functional earring display at the local St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store today.  It cost me $7.50 and I spent just over an hour fixing it up and making it look good!  I am really excited to have this spinning earring rack. My goal is to fill it with earrings  by June.  It may be difficult, as I can fit about 130 pairs of earrings!

I really do not like to purchase new items if I can avoid it especially if they are made of plastic, but I am all about finding things at the thrift store.  Reusing is the one of the best ways to have things that you want without the guilt of wondering where it was manufactured and the production of new materials is not really all that sustainable.  Up-cycling is the future, it is simple, find junky things and then make them look better. I also found a couple of screens for my friend who is in school for screen printing!

Someone had retro-fitted the display with this red a green velvet, which I felt was definitely the ugly part.  Good thing they used an adhesive that was easy to remove off of the shiny plastic underneath.

I also sanded the top of the wood and cork to give it a more finished look.  Someone had written on the wood with permanent marker, which I easily sanded off.

There were a few of the plastic ‘rows’ missing from the top on two sides where there was more of an epoxy glue that couldn’t be removed, so I cut up a piece of foamy fabric I had some scraps of and then adhered them to it to cover up the glue stains.

I also made the top into a lid so I can store things inside and it wont take up too much space in the car if I can put a few things inside!



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4 responses to “Thrift Store Jewelry Display!

  1. Anonymous

    That’s amazing that you found that jewelry display! I love going to thrift shops, too. There are always some supplies I have to buy new, but I love recycling as much as I can.

  2. i love recycling too – i shop at thrift stores and i recently bought a 5 shelf glass display case at a garage sale for $7 ! I was elated, as this was exactly what I was looking for but I didnt have the money/nor would I want to pay to get one made..

    I’ve also dried out a tree branch leftover for some trees that were cut in my yard, painted it and hung it with wire and some hooks to display the beaded dreamcatchers I make.. it looks great hanging from the ceiling!

  3. Nice use of material on your display setup.

  4. Good design concept for jewelry displays specially for hang-up jewelry necklace and beaded bracelets. I need to refine some of our jewelry display just like this one. Thanks for sharing a new idea.

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