Busiest Summer Ever!

Well I have had a very busy summer, I just finished my last two shows of the season and now I am taking a bit of a break, or at least slowing down.  I had 5 best shows over the summer meaning that 5 shows beat my top show of last summer.

My sales have more than doubled compared to 2008 and my business has seen some staggering growth! My body is also responding to all of the work and I had to make a chiropractor appointment… I think my shoulders are out of whack from being at my bench so much this summer. I have been still keeping up with orders, but generally slowing down my production for a few weeks.

Mike and I are going to be moving to town in the next month or so. We have loved living in our little cabin, but space and time are getting the best of us and we have found that it is time to move back into Marquette. I am very excited to have a whole room for a studio space rather than a one room house to do everything in. We have lived in two different one room houses since 2007, neither was bigger than 18X18 ft square. We are pretty confident we are going to rent a larger house close to downtown, walking distance from Bella Beads and most of the places I go in town.

I will be teaching many Silversmithing classes this month, please take a look at Bella Beads for more information.

Fall has started very abruptly in the last few days. We had our first fall frost on Thursday night and the entire garden had to be picked. We probably got 20lbs of tomatoes this year!

I have listed many new items in my Etsy Shop please take a look for any of your Christmas shopping needs!


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