Sucessful ‘Home’ Jewelry Business!

I have been incredibly busy lately!  My sales are almost double what they were last year!  This is one of the most interesting feelings I have ever had.  I can barely keep any inventory while making about forty pieces each week.  I am not complaining, it is more of a feeling of jaw dropping and a smile all rolled into one.  I am so incredibly grateful that my business is taking off so quickly (est. 2007)!

Shopping and Can’t Find the Matching _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ???

I have many NEW pieces that I have designed over the summer, but I have not had the chance to list them all in my Etsy Shop.  If you are trying to find an item and it is not in my Etsy Shop, please take a look around in my recent Flickr Photos (most recent items) and see if you can find the item there.  You can easily send me an email with the title of the piece and any pertinant information and I will list the item(s) for you in my Etsy Store.


My sister is now keeping my website updated!  It has been really great because I have not been able to pay as much attention to it as it was needing!  Please take a look at all of the gallery pages she has made!  There is also new custom work pictured as well.



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2 responses to “Sucessful ‘Home’ Jewelry Business!

  1. Im really inspired by your story. I also started my jewelry busiess at home. Good Luck!

  2. It would be great to carry a similar product line on my sterling silver jewelry website. Please feel free to contact me if we can do business. Thank you!

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