Custom Madre Grande and Cuchama Wedding Bands

Mike and I have been staying with our new friends in Southern California and we are finally leaving for Michigan tomorrow!  I have been extremely busy with jewelry orders!  Thank you to all of my new and repeat customers!

I have just finished a pair of custom wedding bands for our friends!  I tried to take many shots of the rings to show the full design.  Also, the gold was re-used by hammering out one of their 10ky gold rings that they were ready to have made into a new piece of jewelry.

The mountain on the left hand side of the ring is called Cuchama and then the mountain on the right side of the ring is Madre Grande.    All of the pieces were hand sawn and fabricated, I also engraved the inside of the rings with my hand-held engraver.

I view my wedding jewelry as unique, earthy and different, you can get your favorite mountain range made miniature on your wedding bands. It all starts with a photograph or two… maybe four =)

Madre Grande and Cuchama
Custom Gold Jewelryhammering gold
Custom Wedding Bands


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