Artist at a Street Faire and Hummingbirds

So I vended my handcrafted jewelry at the Encinitas Street Faire over the weekend. I made a small amount of money, less that I would have wished, but I really didn’t know what to expect. The show ran very smoothly, there were a lot of people and a ton of vendors selling mass produced items like the the sham-wow thing (as seen on tv). I bet that 10% of the people bought a one of these gimmicky “towels” that are advertised on tv. There were also power tools, sun glasses and a bajillion imported things from all over the world. There was definitely a clearance, sale or some buy one get one deal going on at most of the booths. So, anyway my sales were mediocre, but I am not unhappy. Two of the sales I made were to other metalsmiths, which was quite flattering. There were also a ton of young people who were very receptive to my designs, but did not have money to spend.
Mike and I went for a little hike this morning and picked some purple and white sage to make into bundles to give as gifts to our Michigan friends. I am starting to get antsy to be back home! We are going to be getting back to Michigan sometime mid-May. I took some photos of a humming bird this morning. In fact, I wake up almost every day to a humming bird in the tree outside of the camper. Being that our walls are canvas, I can hear the hum of their wings while the eat from the tobacco tree with yellow bell shaped flowers. The picture I took earlier was with the humming bird on this beautiful flowering purple plant that is growing wild all over!
Humming Bird


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One response to “Artist at a Street Faire and Hummingbirds

  1. Vending jewellery is not as simple as one would think. Art is not a consumer commodity. I have similar experiences and am always happiest when I don’t have to stoop to that level. Summer festivals are just around the corner and the money will just roll in.

    Your shot of the hummingbird should be submitted in a contest somewhere it is excellent.

    Hoping for many sales for you, peace for all

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