How to Make Sterling Silver Jewelry; Piercing and Sawing

Oak Leaf Earring and Neklace Set

I have recently finished a grouping of new jewelry entitled The Scrub Oak Series in sterling silver.  This design was inspired by all of the scrub oak trees in Southern California where we have been staying for the last month.  Here is a little cluster of scrub oak trees near our camper!

Scrub Oak Trees

Then I did this drawing in marker of a stylized scrub oak leaf.
Drawing of Scrub Oak Leaf

After the drawing was done, I took a photograph of it and put it into Photoshop and adjusted the contrast, brightness and I shrunk down the image to the proper size.
Scrub Oak Template

I then duplicated the shape printed it and used rubber cement to glue the drawing onto the sterling silver sheet. After the glue is dried, I drilled holes through the white parts and hand-sawed all of the segments out of each component.
Scrub Oak Jewelry

How to make stelring silver jewelry

Oak Leaf Jewelry



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11 responses to “How to Make Sterling Silver Jewelry; Piercing and Sawing

  1. Such a lovely piece of jewelry, and what wonderful craftmanship! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Thanks for appreciating my art!

  3. Annette Gibney

    I really love this piece but I saw an entirely different picture when I first looked at it. To me it is a wonderful Christmas necklace with holly leaf and berry, chocolate kiss and maybe an angel’s wing. 🙂

  4. Beth

    Hello Beth, Your jewelry is beautiful! I am so interested in starting to make my own silver jewelry and do not know where to begin. I found you through a google search but am wondering if you could steer me in the right direction on where to start? I live in Denver, CO. Should I be looking for a silversmith class of some sort? Thanks for any help! Beth

  5. NOUR

    i can’t c all photos .. luv ur stuff ❤

  6. Marcus

    I’m trying to do something similar. For 1/16″ (1.8mm) gauge sheet silver, how many teeth per inch (TPI) would you recommend? Can I get away with 32 TPI or should I be looking for higher?

    • Hi Marcus,

      The blade sizes in the US have a different measurement. I would suggest 2/0 (two aught) for that thickness, but it really depends on how much detail you are trying to get. Let me know if this helps! =)


  7. Val

    These pieces are beautiful; I’m learning how to create pierced jewelry, and appreciate the saw skills here! One question – do you file or smooth out the inside of the pierced areas?

    • I do not, but I do sand the front and the back which removes the burs that make the sawing feel rough. I am very careful with the saw so I do not need to file out inconsistencies in the design.

  8. This is such a fine aspect of the silver jewelery I must admit. I think one can use the same in such a fine way. All you have to do is just follow the above shared module precisely and go through the things you want to get along with.

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