Desert Breeze to say the least!

Cleveland National Forest
Well, the 2nd day at Circle of Art in Borrego Springs was a big bummer. Many artists lost their tents in the fierce gusts of wind coming over the mountains.  I had decided not to set up a tent in the morning, just a few tables so I could break it all down quickly if the wind got too crazy.  I lasted about one hour into the show before I had to pack up.  The wind was lifting my trays up off of the table!

While I scrambled to pick up my things and pack down the light weight objects, Mike came running up to check and see if everything was okay, and I was.  He then ran over to the pop-up camper to find that the wind was bending and reefing on it severely.  He raced to throw everything on the floor so he could close down the camper.  At one point he was trying to brace the frame with his body and he could feel the camper twisting it out of shape!  Luckily he got it closed and it is still working in proper condition.

The show coordinators in Borrego Springs were really friendly and helpful and the show would have went really awesome if the wind hadn’t picked up so fiercely.  This is my first taste of Southern California.  Like I said in a past post, there was an earthquake the first night in Borrego and then the wind.  The desert region we were in is still having small earthquakes today.

Borrego Springs was truly beautiful and quaint.  Mike and I at a great vegetarian pizza at Carlie’s Place on the round-a-bout in the center of town.  Many of the dessert wild flowers were in bloom and the mountains were amazing!  The small grocery store even had some natural and organic foods.

There were also these really awesome huge steel animal sculptures all over Borrego Springs, Califonia.  Here are some images, they are really awesome and I suggest you check them out!Steel Animal Sculpture

Elephant Sculpture
Camel Sculpture in Borrego Springs, CA



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2 responses to “Desert Breeze to say the least!

  1. I Have been following your blog as you travel! Glad you guysmade it thru the earthquakes and the wind! Where do you head next?

    Spring keeps struggling here. The first soliders are marching forth in the gardens but snow is predicted tonight and I have a sinus cold. I am waiting for life to turn green and warm.

  2. annieepoetry

    great pictures. I have the urge to make some statues of my own… hmm. how about a banana eating a cheeseburger while sitting on an american flag. that would be nice. i could put it in the green space. my neighbors would love it.

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