My First Earthquake!

So I was sleeping last night and I thought that someone bumped into the side of the camper, but then I realized there was no one outside.  Mike hadn’t turned over either.  I thought to myself, although half asleep, was that an earthquake?  Then I fell back to sleep right away.  I didn’t even mention it in the morning because it was so subtle.  So my first earthquake was realized by someone mentioning that there was an earthquake last night.  I actually hadn’t even thought about it since I was slightly awoken at 4:30 in the morning.

The sales in Borrego Springs were decent today, but the wind really was a bummer.  My displays were blowing all over the place.  It is supposed to extremely windy and possibly raining tomorrow, so we took the tent and everything down and put it in the car.  I just want the piece of mind to know that everything isn’t going to blow away in the wind.  We’ll set everything up in the morning if the weather is okay, but I have a bad feeling about it…  They are predicting 70 mph gusts!  We might even have to take the camper down just to make sure we don’t blow away.

Besides all of that wind ranting, this town is unique and beautiful.  All of the desert wild flowers are in bloom and there is a grapfruit farm here and it is in bloom.  It was the best smell I have ever smelled.  I am not a big fan of grapefruit, but I think I am going to get some tomorrow.

We drove the car down from 5000 ft yesterday to sea level at a 7% slope, the brakes are really unhappy in the car.  Mike will probably replace them soon.  The view from 5000ft over the Anza-Borrego desert and the Salton Sea has been the most breath-taking sight I think I have ever seen.  I have a bunch of pictures that I will post soon.  To see all of my pictures from the trip so far, please Click Here.


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