Off of the Grid Again

Well Mike and I have gotten settled in Southern California.  We are staying with some musicians that we met at Bluegrass on the Beach last weekend.  They are big into solar power and they are lending us some solar panels to charge the car battery so we can have power to the computer and lights.  Our new friends have been ever so gracious and we are trying to convince them to come to Michigan for the summer and travel to music festivals.  They would really fit in with the Michigan festival scene.

We had a great time at Lake Havasu’s Bluegrass on the Beach.  The crowd was mailny retired folks and snow birds traveling/living in their RV’s for the winter.  The majority of the music was family oriented, and included many religious themes.  I really enjoyed the family bands including one of my favorite bands of the weekend, The Anderson Family.

Click Here to see a video of them performing!

This festival was really different than the festivals in Michigan.  There really weren’t any kids attending the festival, maybe 10-20 in a crowd of a few thousand.  I thought there would be more children, but Lake Havasu is mainly a retirement community according to some of the locals I talked with over the weekend.

The festival was quite patriotic including the National Anthem every morning.

Also, here are a pictures of the sunset near Bisbee, AZ.



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2 responses to “Off of the Grid Again

  1. A Heat wave has come to Marquette–we hit 50!

  2. Woo Whoo Kim! We have overlapping temperatures, it’s in the 50s at night here in Southern California!

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