The Long Road to Arizona

We spent a little time at Mike’s aunts house in Gainsville and we saw a ton of alligators!
Alligators in Gainesville Florida

Alligators in Gainesville Florida

The Spanish Moss in Florida is also really beautiful!
Spanish Moss in Florida
Mike and I spent a night in Louisiana a little more than a week ago, we woke up to many amazing owls hooting in the trees above our pop-up camper.
Owls in Louisiana
After Louisiana, we made our way to Texas where we stayed a night in a campground in Lockhart, TX which I don’t have any pictures of… Then we drove for another whole day in Texas and finally landed at the beautiful Monahans Sandhill Dunes State Park in Western Texas.
Monahans Sandhill Dunes in Texas
Our initial plan was to drive through Texas really fast, but we ended up staying a few days at the high desert Dunes in Monahans.  The sun was really hot and the shadows were really long!
Monahans, TX

Beth Millner

Now we are camping near Bisbee, AZ and loving it! I am getting a bunch of jewelry made for the shows coming up!

Bisbee, Arizona

Bisbee, Arizona


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One response to “The Long Road to Arizona

  1. I love that photo of you!!

    I need to reward myself for all my weight loss soon. I only need some abundace to come my way. My rings are all TOO BIG! I want cute earrings that dangle. I want pretty things soooooon.

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