Bisbee, Arizona

Bisbee is by far the coolest town we have come to on our tip thus far. There is a coffee roaster that passes out a free shot of espresso to anyone that walks by, there is also many jewelry stores that have jewelry with some of the minerals and metal that are prevalent in the area including turquoise (Bisbee blue) azurite, malachite, silver, gold and copper.  The scenery is amazing, there are red/orange rocks colors on the rocks and also large gray areas and the mountains are all around.  The most interesting part of the town is the massive pit mine that was once in use directly in the middle of the town.  It reminds me of Ishpeming, Michigan with a twist.  Bisbee seems to have a peace loving community that took over once the mining boom was over.  There are many little markets and art galleries.  They have a couple of sweet thrift stores and a bunch of antique shops.

My grandpa used to tell me that he had to walk both ways up hill to get to school, and this town could make such a funny statement true.  The streets zig-zag up the side of the mountains and you can go uphill both ways.  There are tons of stairs that reach the upper levels of the downtown and many houses that are peering over the city.

Here are some images that I found in a google search that you can look at to get an idea of the town!

I am sad that I cannot show you pictures because my camera is still having a dissagreement with the sand inside of it!  I think I will be able to get it fixed in Tucson soon.  I have an ancient digital camera packed away in the depths of the car and I might dig that out today and see if it will work.  I don’t think it has a macro setting, but I at least can take pictures from far away.


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