Texas is really big!

Mike and I finally left Texas this morning! It took a lot longer to drive across the state that we expected. We stayed a few nights at the Monahans Sanhill Dunes near Odessa, TX.  The dunes were really great and I soaked up a bit of extreme sunshine.  The weather is so dry compared to Florida!  Mike and I were walking around in the dunes when it was windy the other day and my camera got some sand in the gears, so I may not post pictures for a while =( None the less, we are having a great time and are just getting into Arizona today.  The beauty of traveling without a set endpoint allows for the discovery of new landscape.  Chance happenings with extremely different and caprvating scenery in Texas, New Medico and now Arizona!  I will write more soon!



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2 responses to “Texas is really big!

  1. Amanda Shellnut

    Glad to hear the road trip is going well.
    A bottle of canned air will go a long way to help with the sand in your camera. If not, no worries. Lake Havasu, AZ is less than 3 hours from Vegas. So, if I can pull some strings I will set out on a mini road trip and come see you. I’d like to see how things have been and if I can help I’ll take a look see at your camera. After all that is who I am, “the camera girl.”
    As far as where Bluegrass on the Beach is you’ll have to fill me in on exactly where to go. Let me know what times you’ll be at the fair/show. I would love to see what you’ve been doing and grab some grub with you and Mike(whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, by the by.)
    Safe travels my dear,

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